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Two Spanish projects were finalists in the BlockchAngel Challenge

September 27, 2020

Two Spanish proposals have reached the end of the BlockchAngel challenge that seeks to stop violence against women, children and the elderly using blockchain technology. It is a system for registering and reporting criminal offenses online and with legal validity, as well as a hidden and free app that can be used to protect victims through a video, voice and geolocation system.

The initiative, which was launched internationally by the everis Foundation, the Inter-American Development Bank and LACChain, promotes the use of new technologies to solve social problems, in particular to protect vulnerable groups from their potential attackers.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is a multilateral organization created to improve the quality of life in Latin America and the Caribbean and to reduce poverty and inequality through the provision of loans, grants and technical assistance. Within the IDB group, the IDB Lab is the innovation laboratory set up to promote innovation for inclusion.

Two Spanish projects were finalists in the BlockchAngel Challenge
Two Spanish projects were finalists in the BlockchAngel Challenge

The everis Foundation has been supporting and promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and talent since 2001. Promote the realization, promotion and promotion of education, research, innovation, entrepreneurship and continuous education.

Technological solution to several problems

With this challenge now, the organizers intend to provide solutions to social problems through technological innovations jointly pursued by IDB, IDB Lab, LACChain and Everis Foundation from their respective areas of activity. Its job is to come up with proposals that will provide answers on blockchain technology in the following areas:

  • Femicide: Almost 8,000 women have been murdered in Latin America and the Caribbean in the past two years. The rate in this region is twice as high as in the rest of the world.

  • Violence and Bullying: Nearly 300 million children are victims of some form of violence and 130 million students have suffered incidents of bullying.

  • Sexual abuse: Around 15 million young people have experienced forced sex at some point in their lives.

  • Abuse of the elderly: In addition, there is a growing number of elderly people who are abused in the family environment.

  • The 48th World Continuous Auditing and Reporting Symposium, organized by the Bank of Spain, includes blockchain technology in its repertoire

Against violence

This was a challenge for entrepreneurs, companies, startups, NGOs and foundations. The winning project, which will be announced on September 30th, will receive business and technology support and funding to accelerate it. It could become an essential tool in the fight against this overwhelming social problem.

Spanish projects in the final stages

The following Spanish projects are currently selected as finalists: Panoptic Guardian from Córdoba. With the technology in the cloud, criminal offenses are registered, reported and managed online, with legal validity. And thanks to an audio and video system, the responsible authorities can be supplied. In short, it is a surveillance system that can record the automatically recorded moment of violence 24/7.

The second finalist project is Pro @ me from Madrid. Offers protection from violence only with a voice. Unlike other existing projects, it is based on an integrated system via a call center that can anonymously interact with video, voice and geolocation.

Other finalists

The task of the BlockchAngel challenge is now to find proposals based on blockchain technology that provide the following answers: Prevent: “No more vulnerabilities.” For example, solutions that enable the geolocation or registration of violent behavior, the identification of risk factors, etc.

Act: “No more impunity.” Solutions that enable online registration and authentication with legal validity. Control: “No more stigma”. Solutions to identify the victims and activate the action logs that match their vulnerabilities. And finally you help: “No more loneliness”: Solutions with which you can activate help and comprehensive care for the victims online and anonymously.

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