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Two kids can make their dreams come true with this amazing NFT of a work of art

October 28, 2020

A former baseball player has created A non-fungible token (NFT) for a time-sensitive work of art that enables cryptocurrency holders to donate Bitcoin to help two African American children make their dreams come true.

According to a representative of the artist, former Tampa Bay Rays player Micah Johnson, the market Async Art will make this artwork available on an NFT starting October 29th. The NFT is programmed to show the effects of Bitcoin (BTC) donations on the two children, represented by a door that opens more with each passing year.

Every year a BTC QR code is displayed on the respective birthdays of these children, which enables this to all holders of a copy of this NFT to make a “bitcoin birthday donation” to be what they want to be when they grow up.

Two kids can make their dreams come true with this amazing NFT of a work of art
Two kids can make their dreams come true with this amazing NFT of a work of art

In the graphic you can see a door between an astronaut (the dream job of many children) and the two children. It even changes depending on whether it’s day or night. Everyone that Buy a copy of the NFT You can change the digital art for all owners in real time as each donation opens the door a little wider.

The project says that stores all BTC donations in a hardware wallet as well as a paper wallet and delivers them when the two little ones turn 18 years old. in about 11 years. Your pictures will also disappear from the NFT at this point, representing your dreams come true.

Johnson’s spokesman said: “The mission of this work started with empowering the two young people by seeing each other in the arts, but it quickly became a major use case for Bitcoin in the black community.”

“(Micah) Johnson sheds light on new and innovative ways of combining art and blockchain technology to show how Bitcoin can provide a liberating alternative financial system to the black community, known to have fallen victim to an oppressive and racist banking system.”

Many in the The African American community has relied on Bitcoin in protests against police killings. Isaiah Jackson, Author of the book Bitcoin Black America, stated that he believes that the black population of the United States has not made extensive use of cryptocurrency to gain financial autonomy.