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Two dead and several wounded after an Israeli attack on Damascus

November 20, 2019

Syrian civilians and soldiers in front of a destroyed building in Mezzah after an Israeli attack in early November – REUTERS / OMAR SANADIKI

Syrian anti-aircraft defenses have shot down several Israeli missiles in the new attack

MADRID, 20 (Reuters / EP)

Two dead and several wounded after an Israeli attack on DamascusTwo dead and several wounded after an Israeli attack on Damascus

At least two people have died and several have been injured in a new Israeli attack on military targets over Damascus, the capital of Syria, as reported by the SANA agency.

The lifeless bodies of a woman and a man have been taken to Qatana Hospital, south of Damascus, where an undetermined number of wounded have also been transferred after the attack.

Syrian air defenses have intercepted several missiles fired by Israel on Wednesday morning, in an attack that would have been carried out by Israeli fighter jets from Lebanon's airspace and the Golan Heights – occupied by Israel.

“At 1.20 local time on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, Israeli fighter jets fired, from the Golan Heights and the Lebanese town of Marej Ayoun, several missiles against the immediate vicinity of the capital, Damascus,” says the source .

On the other hand, a part of one of the Israeli missiles has hit a house in Saasa, which has caused injuries to family members – a mother, a father and their two children – and the destruction of the residence .

Also, the Israeli aggression has caused damage to a dozen residential infrastructure and buildings in Qudsaya, west of Damascus.


The Israeli authorities have assured that the attack has taken place against Syrian and Iranian targets in retaliation for rockets fired at Israel the previous day, as Army spokesman Avichai Adrai explained.

“We have carried out a series of attacks on the objectives of the Syrian Army and the Iranian Quds Force in response to projectiles launched against Israeli territory by Iranian forces in Syria last night,” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported. ).

“During our attack on Iranian and Syrian terrorist targets, Syria fired an air defense missile despite clear warnings to stop the launch. As a result, several Syrian air defense batteries have been destroyed,” the Israeli Army explained in Your Twitter account

In this regard, he has held the “Syrian regime responsible for the actions that have taken place in its own territory” and has asked the Syrian forces to “refrain from further attacks against Israel.” “We will continue to operate firmly and as much as necessary against Iranian entrenchment in Syria,” he added.

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