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Twitter warns for the first time that a message from Donald Trump is misleading

May 27, 2020

The social network alerted its users that some of the President’s statements about the vote by email were wrong and that their fact-checkers had rejected them.

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Twitter warns for the first time that a message from Donald Trump is misleadingTwitter warns for the first time that a message from Donald Trump is misleading

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For the first time, Twitter encouraged its users to check the tweets sent by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and warned against it Some of the President’s allegations about postal voting were wrong and that their fact-checkers had denied it.

The notification, which includes a blue exclamation mark under the tweets, prompts readers to “know the facts about mail-in ballots” and to redirect them to a page with news articles and information from discrediting fact checkers. the president’s statement.

“Trump makes an unsubstantiated claim that postal ballot papers will lead to election fraud,” Twitter said in a fact check below the post. Also in a section called “What you need to know“Correct three false or misleading claims in the tweets.

Trump had said in tweets that the postal ballot would be “essentially fraudulent” and would result in a “fraudulent choice”.

Twitter confirmed that this is the first time that a president’s tweet has been given a fact check tag. This is an extension of his new “misleading information” policy released this month to combat the “fake news” about the corona virus.

Twitter explicitly forbids any content that could intimidate voters, but a company spokesman said the president’s tweets about ballot papers via email do not violate this policy.

… And Trump threatens to close social networks

Donald Trump threatened on Wednesday to regulate or shut down social media companies the next day Twitter first added a warning in some tweets of the president so that readers can check his affirmations.

Without providing any evidence, Trump repeated his allegations of the political bias of such technology platforms in a few early Twitter posts.

The Republicans believe that social media platforms completely silence conservative voices. We will regulate or close them vigorouslybefore we can allow that, “he said.

He added: “Improve Your Behavior, NOW !!!!”.

Representatives of Twitter and Facebook could not be reached immediately for a comment on Trump’s tweets.. The company’s shares fell before the opening of the markets after the publications in the operating business.