Twitter users react to hacking

This morning, A large-scale attack on Twitter took over some of the most important verified social network accountsThese include Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Wiz Khalifa, Warren Buffett, Mike Bloomberg, Barack Obama and Jeff Bezos.

The hacker posted a message about the wrong gifts from compromised accounts. Ask about Bitcoin (BTC) payments and promise to return twice the amount received.

Official answers

Many of the accounts reacted quickly to the hack with the Remove tweets and temporarily block the platform from all verified accounts until the situation is resolved

Twitter users react to hacking
Twitter users react to hacking

Twitter support said:

“We are aware of a security incident that affects Twitter accounts. We are investigating and taking action to resolve it. […] We continue to limit the ability to tweet, reset password, and some other account features as we investigate. “

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, Publicity that the team continued to investigate what happened and said: “We all feel very bad about what happened”.

Numerous companies with compromised accounts replied. Binance announced that they would take Measures to protect your assets by blacklisting the hacker’s addresses and that they regain control of their Twitter account. The exchange also stated that No Binance user sent Bitcoin to the address.

How did you do it

The secret behind the hack is how attackers got access to so many high profile accounts. A theory shows Who was a former Twitter employee:

“Probably an inside job … he knew about Twitter’s inside work … too obvious … will he be an angry employee?”

A contribution from Vice supports this theory with screenshots from Twitter’s internal admin panel published by the underground hacker community. Some users have even named a specific ex-Twitter developer who is responsible for the attack.While this has not been fully verified and no evidence has been provided.

The podcast host BadCrypto, Travis Wright, shared a screenshot in which a group called Bobochan Responsibility assumed:

Andreas Antonopoulos proposed an alternative theory saying that Twitter may not be where the hacker entered. “It appears that a Twitter API publishing service has been compromised and is used to send fake ‘giveaways’. […] I don’t think it’s Twitter’s responsibility“He continued that these services often have weaker security and limited 2FA options.

Is there more than what you see?

Many of the tweets also refer to ‘CryptoForHealth‘with a link to the site that has been offline since then.

CZ Binance

The CEO of Hack Group, Dyma Budorin, users warned that this site may also contain malware.

“If you clicked this link, you probably already have malware on your device. End active Twitter sessions and all Exchange accounts immediately. Do not use this device until the world understands what has happened. #Cryptoforhealth”

“Super low IQ”

The attackers seem to have forgotten a trick since then Anyone with access to so many influential accounts could choose to simply manipulate the markets through the FUDinstead of fraudulent donations. The cryptocurrency trader Sicarious described Hackers who said they had a “super low IQ” and said that a The best approach would be to buy Bitcoin and then spread news about “SEC intrusions, stock market hacks, funds that are not” safe “”.

Another well-known cryptocurrency trader, DonAlt, replied This suggests that the same approach could have increased the price of Bitcoin if accounts tweeted news about “a currency that will be used as a reserve currency so the US can thwart China’s plans.”

A prelude to a Bitcoin hack

Bitcoin skeptic and gold supporter Peter Schiff commented about the attack that wonders “if this is an omen that Bitcoin is being hacked” and ends the tweet with the words: “Better play it safe and buy #oro.”

But how Anthony Pompliano tweeted:: “Twitter has been hacked. Bitcoin has never been hacked.”

The CEO of Blockstream, Adam back, posted a funny tweet about Peter being hacked asking for gold instead of bitcoin:

“Twitter is not really yours”

Bitcoin developer Jimmy SongI take the opportunity to do so bring up People about the fact that nothing centralized really belongs to the individualComparison of this situation with the Fiat currency economies:

“Do you know how someone with root access logs into Twitter? The same thing happens with the dollar every day. Your dollars are not really yours, just as your Twitter is not really yours.” .

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