Twitter is returning to normal retweet behavior

The social network no longer prompts users to quote a tweet.

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Twitter is returning to normal retweet behavior
Twitter is returning to normal retweet behavior

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  • The little bird’s social network did not achieve its goal with this function.

After a failed experiment to encourage a more thoughtful online exchange Twitter announced the return of good old-fashioned retweets this week.

Ahead of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, the company invited users to quote a tweet and add personal comments before a post was posted, rather than pointlessly tweeting. “Our goal of generating quotes in tweets (rather than retweets) was to encourage more thoughtful reinforcement,” according to Twitter support. “We don’t think that has happened in practice.”

Sure, the number of dating tweets has increased (likely because users were sent directly to the quote writer), but that gain was offset by a 20% overall decrease in sharing on retweets and dating tweets. And of those who quoted tweets, nearly half (45%) contained only “one word statements”, while another 70% contained fewer than 25 characters. The change was also confusing for some users who didn’t understand that they could skip the requested appointment simply by pressing “Retweet”.


That’s not exactly the effect, a greater likelihood of “people adding their own thoughts, reactions, and perspectives to the conversation,” pointed out by Twitter. “With this in mind, we will no longer ask you to quote tweets from the retweet icon,” said the social network on Wednesday.

“We will continue to focus on promoting thoughtful reinforcement,” continued Twitter support. “We believe this will require multiple solutions, some of which may be more effective than others,” e.g. B. Invite you to read articles before sharing.

You can of course still use the function to quote tweets. Click the retweet icon (two arrows in a circle) to retweet directly, or fill in your own notes before sharing.

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