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Tunisian activist and blogger Lina Ben Mhenni, promoter of the Arab Spring dies at 36

January 27, 2020


Tunisian activist and blogger Lina Ben Mhenni, a key figure in the Arab Spring, has died on Monday at 36 years of age due to a long illness, as reported by the local newspaper 'La Presse'.

From his blog, A Tunisian Girl, Mhenni traveled to the interior of the country and served as a speaker for those citizens who showed their dissatisfaction with the power and regime of Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, who fell precisely as a result of the Jasmine Revolution of 2011, trigger of the known as Arab Spring.

After the revolution, he continued to work for the defense of Human Rights and the freedoms of Tunisians. His name was shuffled in 2011 for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in reporting protests.

Human rights activist and advocate Amira Yahyaoui has confirmed her death in a message spread through her Twitter account. “After many years of struggle, both mental and physical, Lina Ben Mhenni has left us. She will be remembered as an incredible citizen,” he said.