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Trump will meet á Tuesday with Netanyahu at the White House and “probably” present á his peace plan

January 24, 2020
Trump y Netanyahu en un cartel de publicidad electoral.

Trump and Netanyahu on an election advertising poster. – Ilia Yefimovich / dpa – Archive


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, will meet on Tuesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main opponent, Benny Gantz, at the White House and has announced that he “probably” will present his expected peace proposal for Israelis and Palestinians before the meeting.

Trump will meet á Tuesday with Netanyahu at the White House and “probably” present á his peace planTrump will meet á Tuesday with Netanyahu at the White House and “probably” present á his peace plan

“We will probably launch it a little before (from the White House meeting),” Trump confirmed, as reported by the DPA news agency. The president has been suggesting the presentation of his peace plan for Israel and Palestine in recent months.

However, his intention has been marred by the two general elections held in Israel last year, which led to a situation of political stagnation, so in March elections will be held again in which Netanyahu and Gantz will meet again .

As for the peace plan in the region Trump is talking about, there is concern that the immovable stance of his Administration in favor of Israel will give Tel Aviv powers to annex West Bank territory.

From what is known so far, the plan seems focused only on economic issues and has not yet addressed the aspirations and fears of the Palestinians. In addition, it is unlikely to be well received by either party.

According to Israeli media, the plan would include commitments from Israel that could complicate the life of the prime minister if it is published before the elections.

Hours earlier, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announced from the US Embassy in Jerusalem that the US president had invited Netanyahu to the White House to “discuss regional issues, as well as the prospect of peace here in the Holy Land.” .

Netanyahu, in turn, suggested that Gantz also be invited and he accepted the invitation. “I suggested that Benny Gantz also be invited to this event because I think it is important that we do not miss this historic opportunity,” Netanyahu said, noting that “with such friends in the White House, there should be as broad a consensus as possible.” .

Trump has also indicated that he has spoken “briefly” with Palestine. “The Palestinians have many incentives. I am sure they will react negatively at the beginning, but in reality it is very positive for them,” said the US president.

For its part, Palestine has warned the United States and Israel on Thursday that they “do not cross red lines” and that they will reject any measure from Washington that “violates International Law.”

“If this agreement is announced with the rejected formulas, the Government will announce a series of measures with which we safeguard our legitimate rights and will require Israel to assume all its responsibilities as an occupying power,” said Nabil Abu Rudeinah, spokesman for the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas.

In this context, and as reported by the Palestinian news agency WAFA, it has withdrawn the call to “end” the Israeli occupation of Palestine and to establish an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. “We warn Israel and the US Administration not to cross red lines,” he has settled.

Palestine rejects the role of Washington as a peace negotiator in the Middle East on the grounds that Trump has already sided with Israel. In fact, the United States already recognizes Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

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