Trump threatens to veto two journalists from ‘The Washington Post’


The US president, Donald Trump, has criticized two journalists from The Washington Post on Saturday, Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker, and warned that they could even be banned in the White House acts.

“Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker, from 'The Washington Post' are two bad half-hair reporters who shouldn't even be able to enter the White House because their information gives ASCO and is FALSE,” Trump said through his Twitter account. .

Trump threatens to veto two journalists from ‘The Washington Post’
Trump threatens to veto two journalists from ‘The Washington Post’

In response, the post 'ejectuvio director Marty Baron has defended his two journalists. “We fully support them and their important work,” Baron said in a press conference. “The president's statements fit a pattern that seeks to denigrate and intimidate the press. It is unjustifiable and dangerous and poses a threat to the free press of this country,” he denounced.

Parker and Rucker have been repeatedly attacked from the White House in recent days by a piece in which they point out that “some Trump advisers and allies consider it a lost summer with self-provoked controversies and missed opportunities.”

Also White House Press Chief Stephanie Grisham and her 'number two', Hogan Gidley, recently charged 'The Washington Examiner' for backing Rucker and Parker's article and highlighted achievements of the Trump and Kim Jong Un summit on the border between the two Koreas.

“Our piece clearly highlights the list of achievements and quotes a spokesman for the White House for a long time,” said the post's communication director, Shani George. “It also includes the opinion of several republicans both in open statements and in context (…). Readers must judge for themselves if our story accurately reflects the variety of perspectives on the president's summer,” he argued.

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