Trump says the White House will cooperate with the investigation into the ‘impeachment’ “if the rules are fair”


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, assured on Wednesday that the White House would cooperate with the investigation of the House of Representatives on a possible process of parliamentary impeachment ('impeachment') against him “if the rules are fair.”

“We would do it, if they give us our rights,” he said, before criticizing Democrats in the House of Representatives for “eviscerating the rules” and “not giving them fair treatment,” as reported by the CNN television network.

Trump says the White House will cooperate with the investigation into the ‘impeachment’ “if the rules are fair”
Trump says the White House will cooperate with the investigation into the ‘impeachment’ “if the rules are fair”

He has also advanced that the investigation would eventually be appealed to the Supreme Court, while reiterating that his call with the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, was “a perfect phone call.”

Hours earlier, former US Vice President Joe Biden, one of the Democratic presidential candidates for the 2020 presidential elections, had advocated opening an impeachment process against the country's president.

During a campaign act, he pointed out that “with his words and his actions, Trump has imputed himself by obstructing justice and refusing to collaborate with the investigation of Congress” about the possible opening of an impeachment process.

“He has condemned himself in the eyes of the world and the American people,” he said, before stressing that “it is obvious that he has committed acts that deserve an 'impeachment.”

The White House formally announced on Tuesday that it will not cooperate with the investigations with a view to the possible opening of a process of parliamentary dismissal against the president.

Pat Cipollone, one of the White House lawyers, argued that it “has been designed and applied in a way that violates fundamental impartiality and due process, as provided for in the Constitution.”

He also stressed that the investigation, which he called “illegitimate” is “invalid” because there has been no vote for its opening, while he has argued that the purpose of it is to “influence presidential elections” of 2020.

“Never in our history has the House of Representatives, under the control of any political party, taken the American people down the dangerous path they seem determined to follow,” he criticized.

Thus, he said that “since the investigation lacks any constitutional foundation, any claim of impartiality or even the most elementary protections of due process, the Executive cannot be expected to participate in it.”

Cipollone argued that “participating in this investigation under the current unconstitutional stance would inflict lasting constitutional damage to the Executive and lasting damage to the separation of powers, the president has no other choice.”

“In line with the duties of the president of the United States, and in particular his obligation to preserve the rights of the future occupants of his office, Trump cannot allow his Administration to participate in this partisan investigation under these circumstances,” he settled.

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