Trump says Kurdish authorities “could be deliberately releasing” members of the Islamic State


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, said Monday that “the Kurds could be releasing” members of Islamic State imprisoned in Syria to get the “involvement” of the US Army.

“We are not going to go to another war between people who have been fighting each other for 200 years. Europe had an opportunity to keep its Islamic State prisoners, but they did not want to bear the costs. 'Let the United States pay,” they said. “, he said, in a series of messages in his Twitter account.

Trump says Kurdish authorities “could be deliberately releasing” members of the Islamic State
Trump says Kurdish authorities “could be deliberately releasing” members of the Islamic State

Thus, he stressed that the escaped jihadists “can easily be captured again by Turkey or the European nations where they came from,” although he said they “must move soon.”

On the other hand, he affirmed that there will be “great sanctions against Turkey”, without giving more details. “Do people really think that we should go to war with Turkey, a member of NATO? The endless wars are going to end!”

“The same people who put us in the chaos of the Middle East are the ones who most want us to stay there!”, The US president has said.

Trump's words have come just a day after at least 785 foreign supporters affiliated with Islamic State escaped from the Al Issa camp in northeastern Syria and under surveillance of Kurdish forces, weakened by the military campaign that Turkey has launched against them.

A spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS) on Sunday warned that Kurdish security forces lack sufficient guards to guard the Ain Issa camp, which houses relatives of Islamic State jihadists.

The field guard system has weakened since the start of the Turkish offensive in northeastern Syria because some of the guards have been taken to the front to fight against Turkey-backed rebels.

In addition, the camp itself has been subject to bombing by Ankara, which has forced some of the staff to flee, according to Kurdish head Marvan Qamishlo. “Surveillance, right now, is very weak,” he said.

Thus, where more than 700 guards were previously assigned, only one tenth of the custodial staff remains. This has given rise to situations like those of a few hours ago, when one hundred relatives of jihadists, mostly women and children, have escaped from the place.

In response, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that this news is nothing more than “misinformation” to try to provoke a reaction in the Western powers.

The SDS, whose main component is the Popular Protection Units (YPG), were a key ally of the coalition that heads the United States in the fight against the Islamic State in the country.

US and Kurdish sources confirmed on October 9 that the SDS had suspended their operations against the jihadists to deal with the Turkish military offensive, initiated early that day.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin revealed Friday that Washington prepares “very significant” sanctions
against Ankara – without specifying whether they will be applied – and stressed that “it is imperative that Turkey does not allow a single Islamic State fighter to escape.”

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