Trump says Johnson does not resign aacute ;, while the ‘premier’ promises to “move on with Brexit”


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has assured that his “friend” Boris Johnson will not resign, despite the judicial blow he has received on Tuesday, something that the British prime minister has confirmed by ratifying his determination to “move on with Brexit “.

Trump and Johnson have met on the margins of the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations to discuss issues of bilateral interest such as the post-Brexit relationship, especially the commercial one, or Iran.

Trump says Johnson does not resign  aacute ;, while the ‘premier’ promises to “move on with Brexit”
Trump says Johnson does not resign aacute ;, while the ‘premier’ promises to “move on with Brexit”

The 'premier' has reacted since the annual appointment at the UN to the opinion issued hours before by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, which has concluded that the decision of the Government to close the Parliament for five weeks is “illegal.”

“To be absolutely clear, I respect the Judicial Power of our country and I respect the (Supreme) Court but I deeply disagree with what they have said. I think it is totally correct to continue with this plan,” he replied, asked about the appeals of the Labor Party to resign.

Trump has reproached the journalist in question for asking that “unpleasant question” to Johnson and has decided to answer for him: “I tell you, I know him and he won't go anywhere. Don't worry about him.”

In a further step, he has revealed that when asked about the ruling, the European president has simply indicated that “it is one more day at the office.” “He is a professional,” he said. Johnson has pointed out with irony that “tomorrow will be another day in Parliament.”

In addition, the tenant of the White House recalled that at the beginning of his term he obtained numerous setbacks from the courts, but then won “a lot of decisions.” “And I'm sure that's what's going to happen to you,” he told Johnson.

Johnson, meanwhile, has taken the opportunity to ratify that the United Kingdom will leave the EU on October 31 with or without agreement. “We are going to respect what the courts have to say, but we are going to go ahead and get Brexit, I think that is what the British people want to see,” he said.

In this regard, Trump has even ventured to dismiss the idea of ​​the second referendum on Brexit that the Labor Party has recovered. “I don't see another vote. I don't think anything will happen. I think it will get it,” he said.

Likewise, the US president has predicted a magnificent commercial relationship between the two countries once the United Kingdom is free from community norms. “Yes, but remembering that the National Health Service (NHS) is not for sale,” Johnson added.

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