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Trump says Bolsonaro “works hard” to fight the fire and gives his “full support”

August 27, 2019

The Brazilian president thanks him for his support against the “false news campaign”


The US president, Donald Trump, has assured that his Brazilian counterpart, Jair Bolsonaro, is “working hard” to fight the fire that devours the Amazon rainforest and has come out in his defense: “He and his country have full and complete support of the United States. ”

Trump, who has said “know well” to Bolsonaro, has said of him on Twitter that “he is working very hard in the fires of the Amazon and in all aspects he is doing a good job for the people of Brazil.” “It's not easy,” he added in his message.

The Brazilian president has also thanked him through social networks, from where he has alleged that his Government “fights fires with great success.” Brazil, he added, “is and always will be an international reference in sustainable development”.

“The false news campaign created against our sovereignty will never work. The United States can always count on Brazil,” Bolsonaro has proclaimed.


Trump has come out in support of Bolsonaro at a politically sensitive moment because of the criticism he has received from other international leaders, in particular from the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, on account of his environmental management in the Amazon.

Bolsonaro has rejected the help of 20 million euros offered by the G7 countries – including the United States – until Macron withdraws the alleged “insults” poured against him. The president of Brazil has criticized being labeled a “liar” for the alleged inconsistencies in environmental policies.