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Trump proposes drug testing ahead of the Biden debate

August 27, 2020

United States President Donald Trump has given assurances that prior to his debates with Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden he will seek anti-drug tests after questioning his improvement in the former Vice President’s televised confrontations without evidence during the Primaries.

Biden participated in more than a dozen debates during the Democratic Party’s primary election, but Trump seems particularly surprised by his role in the March 15, when former “number two” Barack Obama administration only faced Senator Bernie Sanders.

“Nobody thought he would win,” said Trump, assuring that Biden’s previous appearances in front of a large number of candidates had been “very bad”. Although he believes that “it’s not that (Biden) was Winston Churchill” and “nothing surprising happened,” he has questioned the development: “We’re going to ask for a drug test because there’s no way , to do that.”

Trump proposes drug testing ahead of the Biden debateTrump proposes drug testing ahead of the Biden debate

Trump had already dispelled a similar suspicion in the 2016 election campaign, in this case against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but neither then nor now has he presented more evidence than his own observation. The first televised debate between the top two White House candidates in 2020 is slated for September 29.

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