Trump now threatens to impose “strong” sanctions on Turkey


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has threatened this Sunday to impose “heavy sanctions on Turkey” for the military operation that has unleashed this week in northern Syria.

Trump has reported that both his Republican party and “many members of the US Congress, including them Democrats,” have been talking about a possibility that would enjoy “great consensus.”

Trump now threatens to impose “strong” sanctions on Turkey
Trump now threatens to impose “strong” sanctions on Turkey

“The Treasury department is ready to act and we could declare additional sanctions,” Trump warned through a message posted on his Twitter account.

The US president tries to deal with a crisis that began last week when Turkey began the operation, coinciding with the decision taken by the White House to withdraw the US contingent currently deployed in northern Syria.

Since then, Turkey has launched a military campaign that almost reaches an American base in the area, and aroused suspicions that it is perpetrating an act of “ethnic cleansing” against the Kurdish population, military sources told NBC News.

The Turkish campaign has convulsed the already precarious ties between Turkey, Europe and the United States, all partners of NATO. The Kurdish militias, enemies of Turkey, were in turn an essential ally of Washington in the fight against the Islamic State, which could “resurface” taking advantage of the chaos generated by this campaign.

In fact, this same Sunday, hundreds of supporters of the jihadist organization have managed to escape from the Ain Issa refugee and detention camp, in full Turkish bombings that have decimated the capacity of the Kurdish guards guarding the area.

France and Germany, for their part, have suspended arms exports to Turkey, after their president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, threatened to abandon his position as a “buffer state” when containing the migratory wave if he did not receive support European in its initiative.

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