Trump defends the US withdrawal in northern Syria against “provocations” to continue in combat


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, defended this Sunday his decision to withdraw the US contingent from northern Syria after the start of Turkey's offensive against Kurdish militias in the area.

“It is ready not to get involved, for once, in the intense fighting that is happening on the Turkish border. Those who provoke us to continue fighting are those who put us into the wars in the Middle East,” the president has published in his account Twitter “Ask for a declaration of war,” he concluded.

Trump defends the US withdrawal in northern Syria against “provocations” to continue in combat
Trump defends the US withdrawal in northern Syria against “provocations” to continue in combat

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper had confirmed minutes before the immediate evacuation of a thousand US troops from northern Syria in what he described as a “deliberate withdrawal” to protect the security of his military after the start of the offensive Turkish in the area.

In an interview with the Face the Nation program, of the CBS network, Esper explained that the military will be evacuated “as quickly and safely as possible” by being “caught between the opposite advance of two armed forces” such as the Turks and the Kurdish rebels, after an escalation of clashes he described as “truly terrible.”

Residents of the Syrian town of Kobani, where the troops are stationed, have confirmed to the Arab chain Al Aan that several American vehicles have abandoned their positions to go to a military base between this city and Ain Issa, where this Sunday took place a massive escape of supporters of Islamic State in the camp of refugees and detainees of the locality, taking advantage of a Turkish bombardment against the Kurdish guards of the place.

This withdrawal takes place after a Syrian military base in which a contingent of US special forces is attacked last Friday with Turkish artillery fire, so intense that US personnel considered responding in self-defense.

“The explosion occurred a few hundred meters from an area outside the area of ​​the security mechanism and in a place where the Turks know there is a presence of US forces,” said Defense official Brook DeWalt.

This withdrawal takes place at a time when the US Army suspects that the forces might be carrying out a campaign of atrocities and “ethnic cleansing” against the Kurdish population, military sources told NBC News.

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