Trump claims that the G7 has a “great unity” about Ir á n

The president of the United States expects the 2020 summit to take place in Miami


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has assured that the G7 countries have demonstrated at the summit of Biarritz (France) a “great unity” over Iran, at least in regard to the need to work for the Republic Islamic does not have nuclear weapons.

After a summit marked by the unexpected visit of the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohamad Javad Zarif, of which Trump has said he was aware in advance, the US president has assured that the international powers are “about” to close a common conclusion , “more or less”.

Trump claims that the G7 has a “great unity” about Ir á n
Trump claims that the G7 has a “great unity” about Ir á n

This has been expressed in the framework of a bilateral meeting with the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, who has pointed out that the talks “move slowly” in regard to Iran. The G7, however, does agree to prevent the Islamic Republic from having atomic weapons, the chancellor said.

Trump has dedicated good words to Merkel, whom he has described as “a brilliant woman.” The Chancellor of Germany is today the only leader present in the forum and, questioned that her departure turns the G7 into a meeting of men, she replied: “I'm still here.”

Merkel has confirmed that he has invited Trump to visit Berlin, an offer for which the White House tenant has said he feels “honored” and hopes to meet “soon.” “I have German in my blood,” Trump joked during an exchange of words with the media.


Trade relations have also been part of the debate, in which Trump has assured that the EU is a “tough” trading partner that has cost the United States “a tremendous amount of money.” On the imposition of the new tariffs on Chinese products, it has not ruled out a postponement of its implementation – “everything is possible” – and has confirmed “significant conversations” in this regard.

Another of Trump's disagreements with the EU revolves around the responsibility that certain countries must assume to host foreign fighters of the Islamic State group who remain in the custody of the rebels in northeastern Syria. The US president believes that “it is not fair” for the United States to take care of them.

Merkel has been willing to “find a solution together,” while for Trump, everything goes through repatriation. “We have captured thousands of combatants … who come from Europe in almost most cases. We have told Europe that we expect them to take them,” he explained.


The rotational order in the summit celebration establishes that the 2020 meeting will take place in the United States and Trump has announced Monday that “probably” Miami will be the city chosen for the preparation of its infrastructure.

When asked about the possibility of said forum being held in the tourist complex that Trump has in Doral, the president has not ruled it out, among other reasons for the proximity to the airport and because “they love the location of the hotel.” “We have not found anything that can even be approached,” he said.

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