Trump celebrates his victory in the ‘impeachment’ after going through a “hell”: “We have suffered a witch hunt”

The New York tycoon says that “this should never happen again to a US president”

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has appeared on Thursday in what he has described, not as a press conference or a speech, but as a “celebration” after being acquitted by the Senate in the political trial held against him by abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, insisting that he has been the victim of a “witch hunt”.

“This is not a press conference, it is not a speech, this is a celebration,” Trump said in an appearance from the White House in which he has been cheered by his “friends” and colleagues from the Government and the Republican Party, to those he has described as “warriors” and thanked his “fantastic work”.

Trump celebrates his victory in the ‘impeachment’ after going through a “hell”: “We have suffered a witch hunt”
Trump celebrates his victory in the ‘impeachment’ after going through a “hell”: “We have suffered a witch hunt”

The US president has reiterated that he has been the victim of “a witch hunt” practically since the day he was elected Republican candidate to the White House by Democrats and their supporters.

Thus, he has accused his Democratic rival in 2016, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party of paying “millions of dollars” to manufacture “fake news” during the election campaign. “We thought that after the election it would end, but it didn't end, it just started,” he lamented.

In this regard, he recalled the investigation of the special prosecutor Robert Mueller on the alleged interference of Russia in the 2016 presidential elections to favor his victory. “It was stupid,” he said.

In her opinion, the president of the House of Representatives, the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, promoter of the 'impeachment' wanted to judge him “for a long time.” “They wanted to inflict political damage on someone who has only won one election” even if it was “a surprise,” he said. “It was one of the best victories of all time,” he added.

“We have passed an unfair hell because I have not done anything wrong. If I had done something wrong in my life I would have admitted it … but I have not done it and this is the end result,” he said, showing the cover this Thursday of the 'Washington Post', which says 'Trump acquitted.'

“It was evil, it was corrupt (…). There were leaks and lies (…) It has been something tremendous,” he emphasized, while referring to Democrats, especially Pelosi, as “vicious” and ” corrupt. ”

Trump has stressed that the 'impeachment' has been due solely to “political motives,” without legal basis, and has therefore considered that “this should never happen again to a president of the United States,” suggesting that another president might not have Overcame this bump.

On the other hand, he has valued that the 'impeachment' has managed to “unite the Republican Party as with glue” and make the support of the Americans to him and the Republicans be in “his highest figure” in recent years.

“They have tried to replace me and that has to be done by voting,” Trump said, in the middle of the electoral process in which he aspires to get another four years in the White House.


The House of Representatives, controlled by the Democratic Party, initiated an official investigation last September to determine its basis for launching an 'impeachment', something that it decided at the end of the year.

The congressmen accused Trump of pressuring the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, to open two investigations, one on the alleged corruptions of former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter in the country and another on the “discredited theory” that Ukraine was , not Russia who interfered in the 2016 electoral process.

According to the House of Representatives, Trump conditioned two official measures to Zelenski to open the investigations: the military aid that the United States gives to Ukraine in the framework of the civil war against the pro-Russian separatists in Donbas and a “long-awaited visit” from the Ukrainian president to the White House.

The Democratic majority in the House of Representatives allowed the impeachment to reach the Senate, where an express trial has been held in which the Republican majority has vetoed the appearance of witnesses.

Finally, as Trump had anticipated, the dominance of the Republican Party in the upper house has resulted in a victory. The senators decided on Wednesday, by 48 votes in favor and 52 against, to absolve the president.

The only dissonant voice has been that of the Republican senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who voted against Trump for considering him “guilty of an overwhelming abuse of public confidence.”

Trump has reserved a few words in his appearance this Thursday. “He is a failed presidential candidate. Things can happen when you do it so badly” in a presidential election, “he said, coming to apologize to the voters of Romney.

On the contrary, Trump has highlighted the role of the Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell – “This guy is great” – and has thanked his family for “standing firm.” “This was not in the deal,” he said, before giving a hug to his daughter Ivanka and his wife, Melania.

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