Trump ceases two senior positions who testified against in the ‘impeachment’

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Pelosi defends Vindman and says he has proven himself to be “an American patriot”


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has stopped this Friday Alexander Vindman, the main expert of Ukraine in the National Security Council, and Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the European Union, two key witnesses in the political trial ('impeachment ') that developed against him and culminated on Wednesday with the president's acquittal.

Trump ceases two senior positions who testified against  in the ‘impeachment’
Trump ceases two senior positions who testified against in the ‘impeachment’

A Trump adviser has said that the dismissal of these high positions is carried out with the intention of sending a message that actions against the president will not be tolerated, CNN said.

“It was necessary,” stressed the advisor. Vindman has been dismissed from his post months earlier than expected, according to a statement from his lawyer, since his departure was expected for the month of July.

Upon his termination, the president of the House of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, has assured that Vindman has proven to be “an American patriot” on the battlefield and also in the political trial against Trump in the House when “he said the truth to power. ” “His brave testimony showed the United States that the right thing still matters,” he said.

“President Trump will have been subject to an 'impeachment' forever. Colonel Vindman's shameful dismissal has been a clear and shameless act of revenge that shows that the president is afraid of the truth. The desire for revenge is precisely what led the Republican senators to be complicit in their cover-up, “the president said in a statement.

Furthermore, he has insisted that the dismissal of a patriotic soldier is a “sad” loss to the security of the United States. “History will remind Lieutenant Colonel Vindman as an American hero,” he stressed.


For his part, Sondland has assured that he was notified on the same day that the president intended to rescind his duties immediately as the United States ambassador to the European Union.

“I am grateful to President Trump for giving me the opportunity to serve, Secretary of State (Mike) Pompeo for his support and the exceptional professionals of the United States Mission for the European Union. I am proud of our achievements. Our work here It has been the highlight of my career, “he said in a statement.

These cessations have occurred after the end of the 'impeachment' against President Trump and after the testimonies of Vindman and Sondland in the investigation of the political trial during the past year.

Trump had already warned of Vindman's attitude. “Well, I'm not happy with him,” Trump said. For its part, the relationship between Sondland and Trump also deteriorated after his statement.


Sondland said that there was an exchange of favors ('quid pro quo') to force Ukraine to launch an investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of former US vice president Joe Biden, while noting that all diplomatic efforts in this regard they were made following “orders of the president”.

In addition, he said that both the State Department and the National Security Council and the White House were fully aware of the “efforts” that were being made with Ukraine to force the authorities of this country to promote the investigation into the Biden .

This Wednesday, the United States Senate acquitted Trump of charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress presented against him in the context of a process of impeachment centered on the alleged campaign of pressure on Ukraine to obtain political favors.

With 48 votes in favor and 52 against, the country's upper house ruled that the New York magnate has not committed a crime of abuse of power.

Shortly after and in a quick vote, the leader was supported by 53 senators in front of another 47 who voted in favor of condemning him, for which he was exonerated in turn of the charge of obstruction to Congress.

Thus, Trump will be able to finish his term, as planned, given that Republicans have a majority in the Senate and everything pointed to the fact that few would break party discipline. In order for the accusations to proceed, at least 67 votes were needed in favor.

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