Trump assumes that the House of Representatives could approve the impeachment but hopes that the Senate will stop it

He suggests that the White House could ignore the citations of Congress


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has been aware this Friday that the House of Representatives could approve an 'impeachment', because the Democratic Party has the necessary votes for it, although at the same time he has trusted that the Senate , with which the Government has “a great relationship”, curbs the political trial against him for the Biden case.

“Unfortunately they have the votes,” Trump said, interrogated by the press in the White House about the possibility that the House of Representatives, controlled by the opposition formation, can trigger an 'impeachment'. In his opinion, members of the lower house could “vote easily”, despite the fact that “most of them don't think they should,” but they just “follow their leader,” Nancy Pelosi, because “they don't have another option”.

Trump assumes that the House of Representatives could approve the impeachment but hopes that the Senate will stop it
Trump assumes that the House of Representatives could approve the impeachment but hopes that the Senate will stop it

However, once the parliamentary procedure has been passed in the House of Representatives, he has predicted that he would not move forward. “Then I would go to the Senate and we would win,” he said, demonstrating the “great relationship” that the Government has with the upper house. “Senators see this as a joke,” the New York tycoon has apostilled.

Asked about whether the White House will collaborate with the House of Representatives in the investigations to explore the 'impeachment', Trump has suggested that he might not do so. “I don't know, it depends on the lawyers and I know that the lawyers think they haven't seen anything so unfair,” he replied about the citation that Pelosi intends to make to the White House.

Trump has insisted that both he and the Republican Party are being treated “unfairly.” “This is the biggest witch hunt in the history of our country,” he denounced, although he has predicted that he will defeat it as he did with the already known as Mueller report on his alleged collusion with Russia in the 2016 presidential elections: ” That came out of 10, it came out perfect. ”

The US president has attributed the Democratic offensive to “know that they will lose the” presidential elections next year “and look for anything they can get” to discredit him. However, he has estimated that, against his objective, “they will pay a tremendous price” in these elections.

In this regard, he has considered that, if Joe Biden is finally elected as a Democratic candidate, he will defeat him “easily” because “he is not the brightest.” “(Barack) Obama took him out of the trash,” he said, referring to his previous attempts to reach the White House and his stage as vice president of the previous Administration.

Biden and Bernie Sanders, who has also tried several times, were favorites to win the Democratic primary, but suspicions of corruption, in the first case, and health problems, in the second, have caused them to fall into the polls. , turning Elizabeth Warren into a rising value. “Okay,” he answered the question of what it would seem like to face her. “It's a socialist or maybe something worse, but we'll see,” he finished.

On the other hand, Trump has taken the opportunity to influence the idea that the telephone call in which he asked the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, to pressure the general prosecutor of the European country to investigate the alleged corruption of Biden and his son does not obey reasons politicians, but to a campaign against corruption.

“We are looking at corruption, not politics,” he has defended. “What I want to do and what I think is my obligation to do, is (fight) corruption,” he emphasized.

Thus, he has also insisted that “there is tremendous corruption with Biden” and his son, whom he has accused of receiving money from China. According to Trump, Hunter Biden would have accepted up to 1.5 billion dollars from the Asian giant without being qualified. “I would have put the red carpet,” he said ironically with the possibility that the former vice president would have had to negotiate as president a trade agreement with the Government of Beijing.

In addition, he has valued that the telephone call with Zelenski was “perfect” – “We are proud of her” – and stressed that whenever he speaks with other international leaders he does so “appropriately”.

The telephone conversation, which occurred on July 25, has become the engine of an eventual 'impeachment' that could end Trump's presidency in the final stretch of his first term.

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