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Trump approves the peace agreement with the Taliban as long as they commit to reducing violence

February 12, 2020

The president made his decision on Monday and Pompeo has called on Afghan leaders to inform them of the “progress” in the dialogue


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has approved the peace agreement negotiated by the US government and the Afghan Taliban provided that before the fundamentalist movement founded by the mullah Mohamed Omar is committed to reducing violence in the Central Asian country, as reported by the newspaper 'The New York Times'.

Afghan and US government sources have told the New York newspaper that Trump has given approval to the peace agreement on condition that the Taliban demonstrate a lasting commitment to reduce violence over a period of seven days in February.

Trump approves the peace agreement with the Taliban as long as they commit to reducing violenceTrump approves the peace agreement with the Taliban as long as they commit to reducing violence

If the Taliban fulfill their commitment and hostilities cease, the United States Government will sign the peace agreement and then a process of withdrawal of US troops will begin and a dialogue table will be opened between the Taliban and Afghan leaders to decide the future. from the country.

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has informed the main leaders of Afghanistan in several phone calls about Trump's decision to give the Taliban pact a conditional approval, as Afghan sources familiar with the talks have confirmed.

A US government official has confirmed that Trump gave conditional approval to the peace agreement on Monday, when he went to Dover Air Base to receive the bodies of the last US military killed in the war in Afghanistan, which has killed from tens of thousands of Afghans and more than 3,500 US military and coalition since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001.

A prominent diplomat in Washington has said that the peace agreement is already agreed at 95 percent but has said that everything will be clear in a couple of weeks. On the other hand, a Taliban official who knows the negotiations with the United States has explained that “positive movements” have been registered but has not wanted to give more details.

Although Trump's approval could mean a definitive step in the approval of the pact, the talks between the United States and the Taliban have previously been about to conclude with a pact and at the last moment they have ended up derailing, as happened in September 2019 , when they were suspended by decision of the US president after a Taliban attack that killed an American military and several other people in Kabul.

On that occasion, the United States had already prepared the event at Camp David for Trump to sign the agreement with the Taliban leaders and US representatives had informed the Afghan leaders of the text.

After that rupture of the talks, the United States took months to resume contacts with the Taliban and has not yet given details about the content of the pact that it plans to sign with the movement founded by Mullah Mohamed Omar.

“This is a positive fact and I am grateful that our main position on peace has begun to produce fruitful results,” said Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani in a statement in which he informed of the telephone conversation held on Tuesday. with the US secretary of state. “Our primary goal is to end this senseless bloodshed,” he stressed.

Ghani has said that Pompeo has told him that “remarkable progress” has been made in the peace talks and in relation to the “Taliban proposal on a lasting and significant reduction of violence”.

Afghan Prime Minister Abdulá Abdulá has pointed out that Pompeo has expressed his “optimism” over the phone about the commitment to reduce violence and about the possibility that peace talks can end with “an agreement.”

Since January, US negotiators led by the US special envoy for Afghanistan, veteran diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad, have been trying to convince Taliban delegates in Qatar to accept the commitment to reduce violence in the peace agreement.

Despite talks with the United States, the Taliban maintain their refusal to sit down and talk with the Afghan government, which they consider a puppet of the Americans, and have said they will only talk to the Kabul Executive when the US troops have withdrawn

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