Trudeau suggests that without the “recent escalation of tension,” the Ukrainian plane would not have been shot down by Iran.


The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, said that without the “recent escalation of tension” in the Middle East, the 176 people traveling on the Ukraine International Airlines plane shot down by a missile in Iran on January 8 would have been ” back home with their families. ”

“If there were no tensions, if there was not a recent escalation of tension in the region, those Canadians would be at home with their families right now,” said the head of the Canadian Government, in an interview with the Global News television network.

Trudeau suggests that without the “recent escalation of tension,” the Ukrainian plane would not have been shot down by Iran.
Trudeau suggests that without the “recent escalation of tension,” the Ukrainian plane would not have been shot down by Iran.

“This is something that happens when there is conflict and war. The innocent people get the worst part and it is a reminder of why we all have to work hard for a scaling, moving forward to reduce tension and find a path that does not involve more conflict and deaths, “Trudeau said.

The statements of the Prime Minister of Canada arrive hours before a meeting of the International Response and Coordination Group is held in London to set the next steps in the investigation of the demolition of the aircraft in Iran on January 8.

Trudeau has said that the objective of this meeting will be to look for ways to obtain justice for the victims of the demolition of the aircraft. The prime minister has said he believes that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, also has some responsibility for the demolition of the plane because he arrived hours after the Iranian missile attacks in Iraq after the death of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in a bombing of an American drone in Baghdad.

The Islamic Republic initially said that the plane, a Boeing 737 of the Ukrainian company Ukraine International Airlines, had not been shot down and had fallen because he suffered an accident but days later admitted that he shot it down by mistake with a missile launched by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard .

The Prime Minister of Canada has spoken of the “pain” and “frustration” of the families of the victims in Iran and stressed that the demonstrations against the Ayatollah regime must be addressed by the Government of Tehran “very carefully.”

Along the same lines, he pointed out that the Ayatollah regime must recognize what happened “completely.” “I think a full admission, acknowledgment of responsibility and some form of compensation will have to come,” he said.

In addition, he has said he has spoken with Trump to try to reduce tension with Iran. “I have talked with him and we have talked about the need to reduce tensions,” he said. “We have talked about the tremendous pain and tremendous loss that Canadians are feeling and the need for clear answers about how it has happened and how we are going to do to ensure that this never happens again,” he explained.

Trudeau has said that the Ottawa government is currently focusing on the victims of the plane's demolition, although it may take “weeks” or “months” for the process of identification and repatriation of the bodies to Canadian territory. “The grief they are suffering is not going to have comfort right now. They want answers. They have expressed anger and fury and also an unbearable pain,” he said.

“I am hurt like all Canadians. I am angry like all Canadians but, unlike many people, I have a job to do to help these families directly. Getting answers is what I am focused on right now,” he said.

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