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Tron’s DApps arrive in the Samsung App Store

April 27, 2020

The Tron (TRX) project announced on April 27 that apps based on its blockchain will appear in the Samsung Galaxy Store.

Samsung smartphone owners in certain countries see decentralized Tron appsor DApps in an alternative app store.

Tron and its tokens have already been supported by the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, which stores private keys in a secure storage compartment. The integration was announced in collaboration with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Tron’s DApps arrive in the Samsung App StoreTron’s DApps arrive in the Samsung App Store

As Tron indicated, the Samsung store will have “applications like Blockchain Cuties, Super Player, Meerkat Mining and Timeloop”..

It should be noted that Blockchain Cuties is a cross-platform game that reports that there are more users on Ethereum despite seeing more transactions on Tron. Super Player appears to be a pure Ethereum project initially according to

The remaining two applications are not available on any DApp aggregation platform. Although it is not a complete list, it is not clear what criteria DApps should be included in.

Own The Samsung Galaxy Store is an alternative app store for Samsung devices. In addition to the general Android applications in the Google Play Storehas many custom applications for the Korean company’s devices.

These DApps will be available on Samsung devices in the United States, Canada, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, Singapore and “some countries in Europe”.. The availability does not appear to be universal in these markets, and Tron denied that the availability “varies depending on the operator, market and device”..

The Tron DApp ecosystem

As Cointelegraph reported in January, Tron was dominated by betting DApps in 2019. A look at the Dappradar ranking for Tron shows this Game applications still make up most of the ecosystem in terms of the number of users.

In terms of volume, however Only DApp rose on the charts with a transaction value of over $ 3.5 million. This appears to be a name change from Djed, a MakerDAO clone that was released in March. The volume comes from almost 300 weekly users, This indicates that large TRX participants are participating.

Current Ratings

Tron is a controversial project and its actions continue to polarize the community. His most recent scandal was related to the purchase of Steemit Inc., the company behind the Steem project. While the community rebelled against the takeover, allegations of centralization continue to be raised.

According to a former Steem validator, Justin Sun bribes the community to include cheap validators in Steem’s delegated proof-of-stake system.

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