Tron hindered an informant’s legitimate attempts to claim his $ 1 million reward for information about the hack on Twitter

Tron’s reward for Twitter hackers is more than the company is willing to talk about.

An anonymous source contacted this Cointelegraph reporter and asked to be contacted by Tron Collect the company’s million dollar reward for identifying those responsible for last week’s Twitter hack. Cointelegraph was polite to link this source to Tron after reviewing the highly credible evidence. It was surprising to notice Tron’s representatives made every apology to avoid a source that had provided legitimate information about the hack the company was trying to solve..

The Twitter hack was about a cryptocurrency fraud that lured victims under the premise that The double amount of Bitcoin that they sent to a specific wallet is returned to them. When the Twitter profiles of people like Joe Biden, Kayne West and Bill Gates released different versions of the same promotional text for this scam, the money came in.

Tron hindered an informant’s legitimate attempts to claim his $ 1 million reward for information about the hack on Twitter
Tron hindered an informant’s legitimate attempts to claim his $ 1 million reward for information about the hack on Twitter

Tron’s $ 1 million reward may not make financial sense – all in all The scam brought in only 13 BTC or $ 125,000– but the authors had compromised the Twitter accounts of former presidents and large cryptocurrency companies.

Promoting justice for the people behind the attack does not have to make financial sense for Tron, who was not only directly affected but also has sufficient reserves in his coffers to trigger such a disproportionate response. Cointelegraph published a widely read story about Sun’s offer to learn more about the hack.

Tron had no interest in seeing the evidence

First, Tron’s representatives asked the source to get a Cointelegraph seal of approval before checking anything for themselves.. We were pleased that the source explained everything to us: the information was checked and we started writing an article based on this information that Tron should be in contact with the source.

Whether in conversation with Cointelegraph or with the sources themselves, Tron’s representatives completely refused to receive any new information from our source.. This behavior appears to be consistent with a company trying to get out of a public promise. The following happened in a group chat.

Source: If they are free, we could make a Zoom or Discord call and explain everything to them.

Tron Rep: No, we can talk here.

Source: It’s much, much easier with a voice call.

Tron’s representative: It won’t happen.

In the end, Tron’s representatives said they would create an email address where people could submit information, but this seems too casual when it comes to a $ 1 million reward. Meanwhile, Details of the hack surfaced in the mainstream media.

The New York Times in particular published a detailed analysis report on how the hack works and who is behind it.. Tron could have known everything the New York Times had said four days earlier if he had worked with our source with common sense and delivered his own reward.

When we raised the issue again later, Tron found that An FBI investigation was ongoing in San Francisco, indicating that this was a reason not to receive information about the hack. It is unclear how Tron intended to keep his $ 1 million promise without proper advice, actively ignoring the credible information he was supposed to want. This behavior is more in harmony with empty attentiveness than with a real effort to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Our source said:

That’s ridiculous. I offer help, they don’t want it when it’s not over [Cointelegraph]I tell you more or less how everything happened and you answer for me and they ignore me directly.

Tron did not respond to a request for comment on this story..

* Jeffrey Albus reported on this story.

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