Treasure hunters run for the hidden BTC price in the music album

Logic Beach, an instrumental, non-verbal, technical-sounding music group, has just released a new album with Bitcoin (BTC) hidden in its walls.

Listeners are working to find the 12-word phrase for the wallet with the price in BTC. “I hid the seed in a wallet with ~ 0.03 (+ 0.02) BTC in my latest album,” Logic Beach wrote a thread on r / Bitcoin on Reddit on May 12, adding:

“Logic Beach’s ‘Bifurcations’ is a lo-fi pilot project, Synth-Glitch, that I put together to celebrate the halving and have a little bit of fun. You need the lossless versions of the songs to solve this Down the files. Wav) “.

Who is behind Logic Beach?

Logic Beach’s YouTube account reveals Herman Felker as the man behind the music. “I’m an astrophysicist at night and an artist at night, but don’t be distracted by it,” says Felker in his YouTube biography.

Treasure hunters run for the hidden BTC price in the music album
Treasure hunters run for the hidden BTC price in the music album

Although Felker found that all the proceeds from the album sales went into the wallet to increase the prize pool, users can get the album for free on a website called BandCamp if they enter $ 0.00 in the payment field.

Felker says the puzzle is not too difficult

The artist said that he did not expect the treasure hunt to take as long as he thought the puzzle was not particularly difficult. When someone completes the mission, Felker asks the winner to share their method and route on Reddit, although he also said anonymity is fine if the winner so wishes.

At the time of printing, the album wallet address, bc1qj7467e7r5pdfpypm03wyvguupdrld0ul2gcutg, still has the BTC price. “If no one solves it by May 21, I’ll write it down and explain the solution,” said Felker in the Reddit post.

Although the artist found that no previous album contained Bitcoin, several other participants in the crypto space have created similar works over the years, including BTC paintings with BTC that were hidden in 2018.

Cointelegraph could not find a suitable contact person for further comments from Felker.

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