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If You Think You Get Resources, Then This Might Change Your Mind

March 13, 2018

Relationship Tips for Women What advice about dating do you want to know? Women would usually accept dates when asked even if she does not like that guy, but why? What you really want to happen in a date and what you really want in a relationship would affect this. In terms of relationship, the first thing you need to do is to know what you really want and otherwise. What are the things that seem to be a turn off to you when dating? You may not like a guy who smokes, is silent type, unconfident and has poor hygiene. You can list down all the characteristics that you like about a guy. How many dates did you have to take before you realize that that guy is a jerk and not worthy? You must have listened to your initial instincts, right? You may realize that the guy you are dating is not right for your anymore. He may be nice for you at first and only to find out after few months that your initial instinct was right. You may be free from heartaches and pain if you really listen to what your heart says at first and feel something wrong if you date the guy.
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Do not believe in yourself that you can change a guy for his characteristics that you do not like about. Just remember that it is not your job to change him to be better. Besides, you two can never be happy if you really intend to change him. It will be draining, hard and bitter for someone to be changed.
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Seeking advices from a man is also helpful for you because you may realize something from a different perspective and it gives you a lot of idea on how to date a man or how to be in a relationship with someone. So just what are some tips from guys to women?This could be a helpful tip for you coming from a man. It is attractive to men if the woman is witty, funny and has sense of humor. It should be natural for you and it should not be looked so fake because if it is, it will be a turn off to them. Let your sense of humour be seen by the guy you are dating. Just relax and make the atmosphere even more relaxing and comfortable. Lastly, smart girls are usually liked by men. It would be a turn off if you act dumb in front of man and think that it is cute because it actually is not. All you have to do is to be yourself and do not allow yourself to change for a guy because if he really likes you, he really likes you for who you are. Do not let things complicated and just be real and you will surely get a real and happy relationship.

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