Transform your company and ensure its permanence in the market

This Monday, Dash for Change starts, a program for entrepreneurs and SMEs who want to innovate and transform their business to generate exponential solutions.

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Transform your company and ensure its permanence in the market
Transform your company and ensure its permanence in the market

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The COVID 19 crisis not only affected us financially but also emotionally. What is the starting point from which entrepreneurs have to start changing their business and facing the crisis? Marisol Rumayor Siller, CEO and co-founder of, wants to change her environment and develop capitalizable ideas or products at short notice Disruptive labs.

Together with a group of entrepreneurship specialists, she has developed an accelerator program for businesses and individuals that allows us to reinvent businesses to generate quick, effective solutions that can be used at short notice: Dash for change.

This program It combines effective innovation and product development methods used by the most agile companies in the world. “We will analyze how they can be used in their companies to change the mental framework they normally work with to develop solutions that translate into products or services that affect thousands, millions,” says Marisol. “It is time to transform ourselves into a new business reality,” he adds.


Exponential thinking

The program also helps you develop exponential thinking. Why is? “It is a framework that we are taking at Disruptive Labs and that we will practice at Dash for Change to develop and launch products or services that affect millions. It is about aligning the thinking framework with the global environment in which we live. We strive to change the world by working together and using technology, ”explains the business development specialist.

Other topics that Dash for Change will develop are strategic agility and creating exponential solutions with advantages and benefits in the market. Ideas and facts that have happened in the business world are also examined to disrupt the market.

“Together we will create a new strategic presentation and support you in the development of your new product or service in order to capitalize on the short term,” he says.

The program runs 100% online for four weeks, with access to five content modules. You have to invest seven hours a week for each module. In addition, six hours of personal advice are offered.

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