Tramp, the motorcycles of the 1960s that taught us to pedal

This is how Mexico created these bicycles in 1967, which imitate chopper motorcycles in connection with long road trips.

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Tramp, the motorcycles of the 1960s that taught us to pedal
Tramp, the motorcycles of the 1960s that taught us to pedal

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That currently exists Thousands of Mexicans who firmly believe that Traveling is one of the keys to happinessIt is an achievement that we have to attribute to the books of the explorers, the magazines that made us dream of reaching remote locations, and the films of the genre road and even at Cycles, especially a couple of calls tramp.

Yes, these bikes too banana-shaped seat and tires of different sizes, they lay their grain of sand so that the Generations of children From 1960, 1970 and 1980 we liked to go out to explore the unknown of our environment. Years later we wanted to do the same on a larger scale. If someone doesn’t believe it, read below.

The tramps were made by the extinct Windsor company from Mexico in 1967. The intent was that they were a commercial hit when they were in the United Kingdom their twin ancestors, the Raleigh Chopper, manufactured by the company Raleigh in Nottingham, England.

To invent it, the Raleigh company sent its employee Alan Oakley United States understand that tastes like American youthDuring the 14-hour return flight, he drew the design of the bike that would be behind an envelope Pop icon an entire generation.

Image: Via México Unknown

After selling millions of Raleigh Chopper in England and the United StatesOakley would admit that his model is based on Motorbike used by actor Peter Fonda in the Movie Simple driver, a subgenre band Road movie in which the protagonists cross a large part of the American Union to get to know the different faces of the country.

In this context, the Windsor of Mexico almost copy like the model Raleigh Chopper To create the tramp, although the Bendix 76 adds coaster brake, two rods with metal springs placed on it that simulate Shock absorber y Tornel rims with honeycomb drawing.

In any case, the tramp itself was an invitation to the mexican children explore the surroundings with friends and feel like you are in one motorcycle like that of Simple driver but also as one of the protagonists of the american youth bands in which the Raleigh Choppers have already appeared.

With the disappearance of the Windsor of Mexico It will be difficult to know why you called your bike “tramp”, but it is certainly a word that evokes those who choose it travel the world, a word without a doubt that invite you to travel no matter what.

For the second half of the 1980sVagabundo motorcycles were discontinued, probably because they had lost Trade battle against other bicycles for children and teenagers like the Rudge, the Schwinn, the Sting Ray or the Cross.

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