Trader relies on a valuation of Altcoin with a market capitalization of $ 150 billion

Chainlink’s price could hit $ 500 after being carried by the rising market value of the cryptocurrency. According to a forecast by a trader published on Facebook, the capitalization market could raise the price of Altcoin in the next three years.

The investor expects Chainlink’s market cap to reach $ 150 billion. So, The cryptocurrency would reach $ 500 in the market.

In addition to increasing market capitalization Chainlink-related partnerships can promote the appreciation of the cryptocurrency.

Trader relies on a valuation of Altcoin with a market capitalization of $ 150 billion
Trader relies on a valuation of Altcoin with a market capitalization of $ 150 billion

In the past few months, Chainlink’s price increase can be used to strengthen the retailer’s forecast. As the Cointelegraph reported Chainlink recently achieved a rating of 1,000% in about a year.

Chainlink price (LINK)

The Linklink (LINK) price rose significantly in 2020 and led to a strong rating. With the trader’s forecast for the old coin, The price can reach $ 500.

However, for this price to be reached, the chain link must increase market capitalization. According to the investor’s bet, it is necessary to achieve a capitalization of $ 150,000 million for the cryptocurrency.

Chainlink’s market cap is currently $ 2.69 billion. However, Altcoin’s market value must grow 18,500% to reach $ 150 billion.

According to the trader who posted the forecast for the Bitcoin Brazil group on Facebook, Other altcoins already had a market cap of over $ 100 billion. In this way, Chainlink could also add value to the market.

Chainlink will be worth $ 500 in 3 years. To achieve this, a market capitalization of over 150 billion will be required. If Ethereum and Ripple have marketed more than $ 100 billion, why not Chainlink? “

Altcoin has already risen by 1,000% in 2020

The Chainlink price is quoted at $ 7.70 this Saturday (25), according to CoinMarketCap. This corresponds to an increase of 2.53% a day for Altcoin.

Chainlink market price (Replay / CoinMarketCap)

Crypto trader Ariel Veloso’s forecast for Chainlink says the capitalization market will drive the price of Altcoin. Chainlink’s innovations and partnerships also support rising market prices.

The investor says that no other Chainlink project should make a similar proposal. The trader is using the recent cryptocurrency integration with CenterPrime, which provides a link between South Korean bank exchange rates, to explain how the altcoin market is growing.

“Even more with all the integrations that take place practically every day with Chainlink, I don’t see that with any other serious cryptocurrency.”

With a performance that pushed the price up 1,000% in about a year, Chainlink’s price was below $ 2 in March. However, currently this value has already exceeded USD 8 on the market.

Between 2019 and 2020, Chainlink scored higher than Bitcoin over the same period. This means, While Altcoin grew 1,000% between April 2019 and July 2020, the price of Bitcoin “only” rose 76%.

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