Trade, divos and tyrants

Before we start, let’s start with the idea that Even if you have access to ways to recover your bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, you are using a third-party platform when tradingAll information that you provide to this operator is at risk. While it is not ethical to spread it, it is a very current possibility that your data will reach other hands.

Next, let’s look at the impact of trading on a trading platform that offers traders great returns and benefits. We add that some of them are taking advantage of these benefits and want to maximize them to the extent that they use their influence and communities to earn more and more with their own signals. This is a poisoned cocktail. What could go wrong with salt?

The conflict

This Dantesque panorama is the last one that exploded last week when a Youtuber identified himself as Latin trader, -whose name is Jaime Merino- A great controversy began against the Quanfury companyand especially against its CEO, Lev Mazur. It was later learned that there was a sponsorship relationship between Merino and Quanfury, which the company ended.

Trade, divos and tyrants
Trade, divos and tyrants

The case is well known. Mazur and Merino got into a hard fight over the company’s sponsorship and the losses Merino suffered in the app. Mazur even published information about the performance of the Merino portfolio in a senseless demonstration of power, which, although the company has the power to do so, shows bad taste, little knowledge of image management, and an alarming lack of image ethics.

For his part, Merino tried to pull back. As revealed by youtuber, Juan Rodríguez, Merino had a sponsorship relationship with the company, but he did not mention it in the video in which he accused the company of buying content creators to validate their product.

This would have remained a simple anecdote if it hadn’t been for the connotations it adopted. Not speaking clearly about the sponsorship relationship and ensuring that a community follows an individual decision; The confidence to publish confidential information managed by a company that uses this data for their own benefit and the fact that this type of incident uncovers the worst profiles of the members of the “Cryptocurrency Community” prompted me to write These lines.

The guru

Merino sees himself as an expert and the relationship he seems to have with his community is more like that of a divo than that of a teacher. In his case, he affirmed that “his community” would withdraw from Quantfury after disclosing the alleged bad practices and malfunctions of the product. Can’t the members of this community recognize themselves? Why should Merino’s proposal be a sufficient engine for the action of his followers?

But not in line with this, Merino maintained a higher moral standard than other colleagues and questioned the ethics of other content creators when sponsored.

In this way, his position changed from divo to guru, prescribing the right attitude that every creator should follow: not accepting sponsors, not talking about a product; In a word, not being a “salesperson”, as he called several of his colleagues.

He said, He was accused of causing substantial losses to the same followers, which he denied, but without going into details of his own sponsorship relationship and the reasons that led Quantfury to suspend it.

The bully

But Mazur’s tyrannical stance cannot go unnoticed. In fact, I think that he is getting the worst out of it. Instead of bringing the difference to the personal level, in short, disclosing private information instead of acting as anything but a leader of a reputable company, Mazur’s silence would have ruined Merino.

In fact, the unfortunate and excessive response from the Quantfury CEO was accompanied by other signs of support that could have answered all of the allegations made by the inventor of Trading Latino.

Why do we speak of tyranny? Even if we could understand the reasons for the heated reaction, the truth is that To welcome this attitude of the main representative of an ecosystem company continues to tolerate that the powerful – or those who feel like it – can and will continue to exercise power in an abusive and cruel manner.

But what power? Well, someone who has full power over the information of the users of his platform has a significant amount of power. and in its exercise it can take care of the interests of its capital and its society without showing inferiority.

We can recommend hiring a press officer as this type of communication requires professionals and no minor problems.

A lesson

Do not trust anything you see on social networks and do not believe in gurus or tyrants. Anyone you trust probably has an agreement that the cost of your trust will be translated into a few satoshis at their address. Name the products several times, advertise well, but “unsold”, as those responsible for their marketing often recommend. And very important: without revealing that there is a relationship.

He distrusts who appears very fair, without clearly saying who allows or strengthens his voice with money, towards the personal brands that seem to regulate “the industry” and asks if it is really possible for someone to sell his opinionwould you do it what does ethics cost? The integrity? And when you have a price, at what point do you stop? Because at some point everything will be discovered …

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Of course, and we have to be consistent, never blame anyone without evidence. He doubts, but be careful; Fraudsters have many tricks to stay like the good guys. Use the services because you have chosen to do it yourself. Note how much data protection you give these operators when using their platforms. You don’t know when someone is having a bad day.

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