Toronto Landscaper Killed at Least 5 Men, Police Say


Toronto investigators this month outside a house in Madoc, Ontario, that was part of their inquiry into the killings of at least five men.Credit Lars Hagberg/Canadian Press, via Associated Press

A Toronto landscaper killed at least five men and hid some of their remains in planters where he worked, the police said on Monday.

The suspect, Bruce McArthur, 66, who was arrested on Jan. 18 and charged in two killings then, was charged on Monday with three additional murders.

Because of the access his job afforded him, Mr. McArthur may have hidden additional remains in numerous locations, Sgt. Hank Idsinga, a homicide detective with the Toronto Police Service, said at a news conference. He added that additional victims were expected to be found.

Toronto Landscaper Killed at Least 5 Men, Police Say
Toronto Landscaper Killed at Least 5 Men, Police Say

“We do believe there are more,” he said.

Several of the victims and Mr. McArthur himself had ties to the Gay Village, a predominantly gay neighborhood, according to the authorities.

The police have identified and started searching about 30 properties where Mr. McArthur worked, Sergeant Idsinga said. Investigators have collected more than a dozen planters to examine.

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“We’ve never seen anything quite like this, with the number of crime scenes that we have to process,” he said.

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