Top 5 countries Google currently “Bitcoin Halving”

The Halving Bitcoin (BTC) is the only thing talked about this weekBut according to Google, Europe is the most obsessed.

Google Trends data shows this In the search for “Bitcoin halving”, Western and Central Europe are at the top.

Halving BTC: 7 days left …

As Cointelegraph reported The interest in the search can often result in acceptance via channels such as large exchanges. Purchasing volume has increased significantly since mid-March.

Top 5 countries Google currently “Bitcoin Halving”
Top 5 countries Google currently “Bitcoin Halving”

At the end of this edition of May 5th These five countries generated the highest number of requests for the main cryptocurrency.

5. Austria

Already known as a curious nation for Bitcoin, Austria is currently the fifth most active search source.

Although it is a member state of the EU, Austria has shown rare acceptance of Bitcoin that few others have copied.

Vienna has long been home to companies dedicated to Bitcoin, including the so-called “Bitcoin Bank, which opened in 2017, together with the Nakamoto Information Center.

4. Estonia

The small Baltic nation has already made a name for itself as a digital niche with a vision for the future of the EU.

Your electronic stay schedule has been in the news for yearsHowever, the policy of the inclusive government still needs to expand to a remarkably revealing stance on Bitcoin.

A cryptocurrency exchange licensing project is currently ongoing, but has received complaints from people who think the process is too difficult.

However The residents are clearly aware of the events in the cryptocurrency spaceand generates the fourth largest number of searches to halve.

3. Slovenia

It is Italy’s discrete eastern neighbor, the original home of the Bitstamp exchange, and there is even a Bitcoin memorial.

Slovenia still uses its home currency, the kuna., which has managed to do better than neighboring Hungary, which is in a very difficult situation, and currencies in the region other than the euro.

In the meantime Last January it was reported that hundreds of stores accept BTC payments thanks to a new application.

2. Netherlands

A strange mix of oppressive regulations and a great interest in cryptocurrencies.

Home to many crypto startups, The Dutch government has indicated that it has little tolerance for the use of Bitcoin, which is not strictly controlled.

Aside from the famous Bitcoin City project in Arnhem, The authorities stopped Bestmixer in 2019 while legal proceedings continue elsewhere.

1. Switzerland

Maybe a likely leader Switzerland is currently Googleing more than any other country in the world.

Swiss are known for their revealing regulatory stance on Bitcoin;; They have been producing great financial products focused on cryptocurrency for several years.

The nation also has the startup Crypto Valley in the city of Zug, of which Bitcoin Suisse is a member and is known for its eye-catching advertising campaign at Zurich Airport.

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