Top 10 business risks in Latin America

Aon conducted a study of more than 290 companies in the region and determined which are the main weaknesses for companies to continue working in the short term.

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Top 10 business risks in Latin America
Top 10 business risks in Latin America

Multinational advice Aeon conducted a study on Risk management among the business world of Latin American countries and showed that business leaders see economic cooling as the short term greatest risk to operating their businesses in the region.

23% of employers state that the negative impact of the economic crisis due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19 is the greatest threat in the current scenario.

For 17% of the entrepreneurs surveyed, liquidity risk is the second largest short-term threat, followed by business interruptions (12%), supply chain failures (9.4%) and regulatory changes (9.1)%).

Companies see almost the same level of risk from accidents or occupational diseases (7.8%) and credit risk (7.1%), while cyber threats still make 6.6% of executives uneasy given the regional economic outlook for electricity.

To a lesser extent, the Latin American business community focuses on project failure (4.5%) and subcontracting (1.7%).

Top 10 short-term operational risks in Latin America

Image: Courtesy of Aon.

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