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Tony Hsieh, Zappos’ millionaire CEO, is retiring to live in an RV

August 26, 2020

We leave you 7 motivational phrases from the shoe giant who is leaving his post to rest with his two alpacas.

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Tony Hsieh, Zappos’ millionaire CEO, is retiring to live in an RVTony Hsieh, Zappos’ millionaire CEO, is retiring to live in an RV

The managing director of ZapposTony Hsieh built a shoe empire worth billions of dollars. Now he’s preparing to step back and retreat to a trailer park in Las Vegas, where he lives with two pet alpacas named Marley and Triton.

Hsieh, 46, announced his retirement as CEO of the company after serving in that position for 20 years. A graduate of Harvard University, Hsieh joined the company called and helped it become a shoe superpower. Zappos was sold to Amazon in 2009 for 1.9 billion euros.

Champion of the Sin City

Hsieh, a major Las Vegas sponsor, invested $ 350 million in revitalizing the downtown area and developing Container Park, a center with a praying mantis shooting at the entrance entrance. Hsieh also created a RV park called “Llamaoplis”, a converted parking lot with 33 tumbleweeds and an airstream. Hsieh lives here with her friends who eat hay.

Under Hsieh, Zappos is known for their friendly and forgiving customer service, including a return policy that gives customers 365 days to return their shoes (as long as they are “like new”).

“Buying shoes online can be a scary process for people at first,” Hsieh said in 2003. “However, Zappos caught on when other dotcoms failed because we offer the best customer experience, such as free shipping both ways. While free shipping on orders and returns cost us more, it has enabled us to keep our customers longer. “

Here are some other words of wisdom from the shoe wise man:

1. “There is a big difference between motivation and inspiration: inspiration from values ​​and motivation will come naturally.”

2. “Have fun. Gambling is a lot more fun when you’re trying to do more than just make money. “

3. “For people, character is fate. For organizations, culture is fate. ”

4. “We believe that most other things – like providing great customer service or building a great long-term brand or empowering passionate employees and customers – will happen by themselves when you receive the right culture.”

5. “Don’t be arrogant. Don’t be conspicuous. There is always someone who is better than you.”

6. “People may not remember exactly what you did or said, but they always remember how you made them feel and that is the most important thing.”

7. “If someone has ever interacted with an alpaca, you know that you can’t help but laugh.”

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