Tony Hsieh, tycoon and online commerce guru, dies in a house fire at the age of 46

The former CEO of retired last summer after selling his company to Amazon for nearly $ 2 billion.

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Tony Hsieh, tycoon and online commerce guru, dies in a house fire at the age of 46
Tony Hsieh, tycoon and online commerce guru, dies in a house fire at the age of 46

Businessman Tony Hsieh, former CEO of clothing and shoe store, died last Friday of a house fire, as confirmed on the official website of the company he founded.

The accident that killed the 46-year-old billionaire occurred on November 27th in Connecticut, USA. No further information was given about the cause of death or the circumstances of the fire. All that is known at present is that Hsieh was visiting his family.

The late businessman sold to Amazon for $ 1.9 billion in 2009. However, he stayed on as CEO until last August when he decided to retire. After 21 years as managing director of the company, Tony left everything to live in a mobile home in La Vegas.

Kedar Deshpande, the current CEO of Zappos, lamented the loss through a statement posted on his website and social media.

“The world has lost an enormous visionary and an incredible person. We recognize that not only have we lost our inspiring former leader, but many of you have also lost a mentor and friend, ”the statement said. “Tony’s kindness and generosity touched the life of everyone around him as his mantra was to impart happiness to others.”

Tony Hsieh, the son of Taiwanese migrants and trained at Harvard, founded the digital advertising company LinkExchange in his youth. In 1998 he sold it to Microsoft for about $ 265 million.

The following year, Hsieh invested in Zappos, a pioneer in online sales. In 2009, Amazon bought the company for more than a billion dollars, but kept its creator at the helm.

The businessman was a key investor in DTP Companies, a company responsible for restoring downtown Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Review-Journal notes that Tony poured a fortune into the restaurant funding project. Start-ups and other companies.

The author was also a point of reference in the world of online business as he managed to get people to buy shoes online when it was not the custom and few had achieved it.

Hsieh was known for his special way of running the company, as he decided for years to adopt a structure without hierarchies and to cut all management positions. He has anchored his philosophy in the book “Delivering Happiness”, in which he shows the importance of caring for customers and employees alike.

Rest in peace.

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