Tony Blair now praises Corbyn after publicly questioning him


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that, although his disagreements with the current Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn, “are public”, during the last weeks he considers that he has acted “very sensibly and skillfully” to block an exit without agreement of the European Union on October 31.

Blair warned at the beginning of the month of the risk of the call for early elections and that the current head of government, Boris Johnson, could benefit because, although “a majority is against an exit without agreement”, there are those who “have” more fear that Corbyn will be the leader. ”

Tony Blair now praises Corbyn after publicly questioning him
Tony Blair now praises Corbyn after publicly questioning him

The former prime minister has countered these words with an article in the 'Sunday Mirror' in which he has accused Johnson of being “totally locked up” in his idea of ​​removing the United Kingdom from the EU at all costs, despite the majority parliamentarian who has already expressed against a possible Brexit without agreement.

This “great majority”, according to Blair, opposes “for the simple reason that it is a game with the British economy that no prime minister or responsible government could undertake,” although Johnson remains confident that there will be an agreement and will not have to ask for any extension to the EU – as the law obliges it in theory.

For Blair, the reasons for a parliamentary division that goes back to the time of Theresa May are because “Brexit is an instruction that is very easy to give but enormously difficult to fulfill.” In this regard, he has ensured that the divorce involves choosing to remain linked in some way to the EU and keep the borders open or leave the block, “in which case it will be painful, especially in Ireland.”

“Both May and Johnson have tried to have both and that is something that will never work,” warned the former prime minister, who has denied that one can speak of “negotiation” when the conditions involved in following are clear Community block or abandon it.

The question now, he added, is “how to get out of blockade”, since “everyone wants the Brexit nightmare to end”. Johnson has advocated the holding of early elections; something that Blair catalogs as “madness”, especially if after these elections Parliament remains divided.

“The 'tories' want an election because they are afraid to ask people for a Brexit without agreement. With the elections, they believe the vote for a divided opposition,” said Blair, a supporter instead of holding a new referendum. . “Labor should say: 'Yes, we are going to vote, but not on Brexit. Let's do it directly.'”

“It is much better for Labor to campaign on what the 'tories' have done to our country than to contort to try to appeal to the voters of the exit and permanence at the same time,” added Blair.

The former prime minister has stressed that the Labor, in collaboration with other parties and with “tories” “rebels”, are those who have “control of this situation.” Do not give up! “, Has proclaimed.

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