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TON Community launches free version of Telegram Open Blockchain

May 7, 2020

The Free TON Community, an independent group of software developers, validators and users, is launching the “Free TON Blockchain” today, May 7th.

The blockchain appears to be based on the Telegram Open Network, the blockchain that was originally created by the encrypted messaging application Telegram.

The TON community had previously announced it would release the network despite Telegram’s long litigation with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the agency’s continued efforts to block the launch of the network.

TON Community launches free version of Telegram Open BlockchainTON Community launches free version of Telegram Open Blockchain

According to an announcement from TON Labs, the Free TON Blockchain community will launch along with free “TON” tokens to be distributed to users.

Telegram from Pavel Durov “can no longer participate” in the project

By starting both the network and the tokens independently of the telegram, the Free TON Community positions the network as a “demonstrably decentralized blockchain”. The Free TON blockchain is maintained and validated by a network of independent, non-hierarchical members who work on the principles of Declaration of Decentralization (DOD). The DOD is the main document for the operation of the Free TON community and is available on the project website.

Today’s start is despite an obvious decision by Telegram CEO Pavel Durov to postpone the start of TON until April 2021. The Free TON Community says that Telegram “can no longer participate in the project”:

“US lawsuits mean that Telegram, the original creator of the TON blockchain (Telegram / The Open Network), can no longer participate […] We look forward to Free TON promoting free market values, personal data protection, decentralized governance, resistance to censorship, and global collaboration. “

The members of EE. USA You are currently unable to join the community

According to the Free TON Community, anyone can join the network simply by signing the DOD. However Individuals and organizations in the United States are currently unable to join the networksaid the congregation. The Free TON community promised that US companies. USA One day they will be part of the network:

“However, if we grow to achieve full decentralization, all of these obstacles will be removed organically. There will be no centralized authority that can even try to answer questions about who can join or not. “

Together with the start, the free TON community will host an online launch conference on YouTube at 8:00 a.m. EST.

The news comes shortly after TON Labs announced its plans to open the key TON OS components on GitHub today. TON OS was developed as an operating system for the TON blockchain and is expected to be available as free software for important devices such as iPhone, smartphones and Android PCs.

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