Tomorrow comes the second virtual and free ‘TEDx Mexico City’

Marion Reimers, Leticia Gasca, César Galicia and the Gran Sur music project will participate in the event, which are intended to stimulate reinvention and new learning in order to counter the uncertainty of this time.

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Tomorrow comes the second virtual and free ‘TEDx Mexico City’
Tomorrow comes the second virtual and free ‘TEDx Mexico City’

TEDxCiudadDeMéxico will hold its second virtual lecture at moments when uncertainty dominates people’s lives to generate answers and opportunities for those who attend the event remotely on July 4th.

“Before the pandemic, we had personal and professional plans for the future, but now there is no certainty about what might happen tomorrow, so it is important to reinvent ourselves and learn again to continue,” said Marcela Ángela García, Director and curator of TEDxCiudadDeMéxico, adding that “the uncertainty caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 has intensified the search for new proposals to see the world from society and, contrary to what many believe, has prompted the initiative in another , but equally effective format, provided that the word influences the decisions and actions that will be taken in the future. “

This second meeting is confirmed by a song and three lectures and is available to the public free of charge under registration at the following address and on YouTube TEDxMexicoCity.

“We want to ensure the community’s interaction with the ideas that we identify and develop for them. We invite you to think and move forward despite the circumstances. Even within TEDxCiudadDeMéxico, the event had to be adapted to the virtual format to continue transmitting ideas that help people stay active with a view to the future, ”said García.

Image: TEDxMexicoCity

Participate in this second event:

  • Great South: Project that approaches traditional Mexican music and the great Latin American culture of rock and looks into the future with new eyes and tolerance through its graphics and sounds.
  • Marion Reimers: Journalist and activist. It has covered world events since 2006. She is the founder and president of Versus, a non-governmental organization that works to promote gender equality in sport and journalism.
  • Leticia Gasca: He is co-chair of the Steering Committee for Education and Employment of the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum and leads the project “Shaping the Future of Work”, which aims to identify the challenges and opportunities of the future of work.
  • Cesar Galicia: Psychologist and sexologist. As a psychotherapist, she specializes in sex and couples therapy and is mainly aimed at Mexicans living abroad. As a sex educator and popularizer, he has been producing, writing and managing the sex training video blog since 2017.

TEDxCiudadDeMéxico 2020 is launched through the efforts of volunteers. It consists of four virtual transmissions that invite brief learning interventions that can change the environment of those who see them.

The remaining two events will take place on August 1 and September 6 of this year and will introduce surprise guests and prominent speakers in various areas who influence society with their ideas.

Find TEDxMexicoCity 2020 at:

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