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Tokenizer issues real asset-backed value tokens

July 27, 2020

Tokenizer is a new self-service platform that launched on July 29 and provides a solution for issuing blockchain-based asset-backed value tokens.

In this way, companies and individuals can issue security stamps without any technical or coding knowledge. This can then be used to collect money and trade on the Tokenizer exchange.

Tokenize to realize the value of assets

The tokenization of real assets has been described as one of the most important applications of blockchain technology. Previously, however, a dedicated encryption team or the services of a third party were usually required to issue the tokens.

Tokenizer issues real asset-backed value tokens
Tokenizer issues real asset-backed value tokens

The Tokenizer platform provides access Tools that anyone can use tokens that represent their real assets.

The types of assets that can be tokenized are unlimited and include physical assets such as real estate, works of art and luxury goods, traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds and hedge funds, and less tangible things like intellectual property and identity.

It’s not about speculating about cryptocurrencies. but to realize the value of existing assets and to make it easier to collect donations.

End-to-end DeFi infrastructure

Tokenizer brings the assets to a wider group of global investors and provides an integrated exchange where tokens can be exchanged. CEO Manindra Majumdar believes this is the first end-to-end decentralized finance (DeFi) platform in the crypto space:

“The Tokenizer platform ensures that everyone can create their own token without knowing a language for smart contracts. Instead of introducing several cumbersome and complex tools, we have saved the entire experience on our platform. “

Tokenization has the potential to make the financial industry more accessible and efficient, while freeing up billions of dollars of currently non-liquid assets.