Token Sale Date Announcement

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Save the date for token sale event. The first 24hrs are guaranteed!

The FundRequest token sale will be a two day event and is reserved for whitelisted registrants that have successfully passed our KYC process.

Token Sale Date

Start Day 1: February 12 at 10 AM CET (9 AM UTC).

Token Sale Date Announcement
Token Sale Date Announcement

The first 24 hours of the token sale will be individually capped with a minimum and maximum contribution per person.

  • Minimum contribution : 0,01 ETH
  • Maximum contribution : 1 ETH
  • Recommended Gas Limit : TBD

Start Day 2: February 13 at 10 AM CET (9 AM UTC).

The individual cap per person is lifted. It is now possible to contribute more than 1 ETH until the hard cap is reached.

  • Minimum contribution : 0,01 ETH
  • Recommended Gas Limit : TBD

Token sale information page :

Who can participate?

As said, you must be whitelisted and have passed the KYC process.

To check your status go to and fill in your ETH address. Only when the status is ‘Approved’ you will be able to participate.

Note not all KYC submissions have been processed and we expect to finalize the process by Monday February 5th.

We will only accept ETH from your whitelisted address and ONLY send the FND tokens back to the same address.

Please check your status yourself and do not direct-message our community managers on telegram to check your registraton for you.

Those that make it through the KYC process will be notified by email and will be able to participate on the day of the sale.

Go to the tokens sale page

Safety and Security

A couple of safety precautions before participating in the FundRequest token sale:

  • Any official information about our crowdsale details will be communicated via our blog. Emails will not give specific information but will tell about key dates or reminders. If you receive any email talking about dates, details etc. and are unsure, check to see our blog for matching information. The official source of our blog:
  • From our Telegram admins we know some people are new to cryptocurrencies, blockchain and tokens. We urge you to do your research and due diligence about the space and our platform. Protect yourself from phishing, scams and false information. Also understand the product/business behind the FundRequest token.
  • And as related to all crypto projects, please secure your own keys and create safe practices to not lose them. Never give your keys to someone else.

Thanks everyone for being part of this project. We are humbled by your support and remain inspired to build the FundRequest platform to incentivise open source.

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