Today we are 28 years old and show you what the first cover of was!

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This May 25, 2020 s has been in Mexican homes for 28 years as a companion to various aspects of the life of the modern entrepreneur.

Today we are 28 years old and show you what the first cover of  was!
Today we are 28 years old and show you what the first cover of was!

The following image shows us that the first cover of our print edition shows that the topics with which we opened the Spanish version were Family in Business, the history of Taco Inn as a franchise and the importance of listening in business finance.

To give us an idea of ​​the kind of world we had in that distant year 1993, we remember that …

  • The president was Carlos Salinas de Gortari
  • The Foro Sol was inaugurated
  • La Gusana Ciega was founded
  • The Miss Universe pageant took place in the National Auditorium
  • Chescolovaquia disappeared and formed the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • The “new pesos” have come into circulation
  • Bill Clinton started his first cycle as President of the United States
  • Luis Miguel released his album “Aries”
  • TV Azteca was founded
  • Mexico beats the USA 4-0 in the Gold Cup final
  • The Telehit channel was created
  • Pope John Paul II visited Mexico for the third time in Merida
  • The first chapter of Power Rangers is broadcast
  • AOL started offering internet access to individuals
  • Michael Jordan announced his resignation from the NBA courts
  • The dominance of apartheid racial segregation in South Africa is over
  • North American Free Trade Agreement approved
  • The first physical map of 90% of the human genome has been published
  • Mexico is invited to the Copa América in Ecuador for the first time
  • Like movies Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Melody of Love, Live! and SuperMario Bros..

And not to forget, this is what our first website looked like in 1999:

Thank you for coming to us all these years!

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