Today comes 10 Thousand Women of Change # 039 ;, an initiative to inspire entrepreneurs and Socialab seek to promote entrepreneurship projects in Mexico and Latin America.

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According to the United Nations Organization for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women), globally for every dollar a man earns, women earn 77 cents; If the current rate continues, this gap will take 70 years to close.

Today comes   10 Thousand Women of Change  # 039 ;, an initiative to inspire entrepreneurs
Today comes 10 Thousand Women of Change # 039 ;, an initiative to inspire entrepreneurs

In an effort to close the gender gap, and Socialab México , with the support of Social Development Citibanamex and Promujer , present 10 Thousand Women of Change, an initiative that aims to make visible, inspire and promote women with projects that Focused on:

  • Empower other women
  • Reduce social inequalities
  • Boost environmental sustainability

The project starts on March 5 and the initiative is open to all organizations, companies, associations and initiatives that aim to promote equal conditions and the economic development of women in Mexico and Latin America.

The participants of this initiative will have access to:

Digital content

Through the dissemination of valuable content on social networks, a greater impact will be achieved to promote a culture of entrepreneurship in thousands of women in Mexico and Latin America.

Online communities on Facebook and Linkedin

The groups offer an exchange space where women can share their experiences, express their doubts and find new opportunities to collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

Free online classes

Aimed at women from all corners of the world, these classes will be taught by some of the leading experts in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to provide the tools that future entrepreneurs need

Face-to-face workshops

They will be taught in the 32 states of the Mexican Republic, will consist of experiential experiences where women entrepreneurs can develop your skills, increase knowledge and generate alliances with other women.

ial Culture Event

In this space more than 150 Women of Change can listen to talks, participate in workshops and coworking with social entrepreneurs.

Socialab innovation challenge

It is a call in which women entrepreneurs from all over the country can propose new ideas of social entrepreneurship in three categories:

  • Women who drive women.
  • Women for sustainability and the environment.
  • Women fighting social inequalities.

Socialab pre-acceleration program

Women entrepreneurs who are winners of the innovation challenge can transform their ideas into social enterprises by receiving seed capital and entering the promotion program of Socialab Mexico.

To participate, you just have to enter .

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