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Tips to regain focus on your business

April 18, 2020

Are you worn out and your work no longer excites you? Some experts share their tips to rekindle the passion for your company.

The opinions expressed by collaborators are personal.

Are you worn out? Some experts in the digital environment share their best tips to regain passion and focus in your business. This will help you generate new ideas and develop a marketing strategy that appeals to your customers.

Tips to regain focus on your businessTips to regain focus on your business

Have a “boss infiltrator” moment
Walk in the shoes of your customers and employees to see the world from their eyes and discover what matters most to them. Feel what they feel. Solve your problems and create opportunities. Remember when you started the company. If you lose your vision, passion and empathy you lose the ability to inspire others, including your clients.
Brian Solis

Get out of the office
Go out and meet clients and prospects face to face. Ask them what they get out of doing business with you; what is the value they receive, what do they need and what cannot they find. Ask them about their passions and goals with you. The real reason we do this (undertake) is to make a difference in people's lives, and sometimes it's hard to lose focus when you operate behind a computer all day.
John Jantsch

Take a rest
Sometimes the best cure for wear and tear is to just disconnect from everything. Take a few days off and you could generate great ideas. Your time away from the daily routine will give you a refreshing perspective on some things and will make you feel more energetic when you return.
Eric Siu

Connect with new employees
You can ignite your passion by absorbing the energy of newer employees. They come to you fresh and ready to change the world, so spending time with them will help you regain your spirit. Go out to dinner with them and talk about your goals and business vision.
Jim Joseph

Request feedback from your customers
If a customer's feedback is positive, it will serve to remind you that what you are doing helps others and makes people happy. If the feedback is negative, it will shed light on the processes you need to optimize or the obstacles you must overcome. s love challenges, and enthusiasm can often die if the challenge disappears. Use your customer feedback to continually improve your business so that you can continue to bring happiness to others.
Jayson DeMers

Write it
I am a great advocate of using pen and paper to write the mission and values ​​that define me as a company. Ideally, after this exercise you will look for ways to communicate it to your employees so that everyone is with the same passion, enthusiasm and direction of the 'one' day.

In my company we have a notebook that we distribute to new employees on their first day, which indicates what we value, think and hope for. He immediately says to the employees: “This is not an ordinary place. And it is not an ordinary job. ” Having energized, interesting and motivated people around you will make you feel the same.
Adam Kleinberg

Refresh your brand and your business
Ask yourself, where have we been? Where do we want to go? What new innovations, services or products do the customers we believe want? Ask yourself these questions and change your vision; This way you can refresh enthusiasm for your business.
Karen Leland

do exercise
I always keep some weights and a Yoga mat at the entrance to my office. If you can't get out of your workspace do 20, 30, 50 weights, sit-ups, squats, whatever. Make some physical effort. With just 20 seconds of activity you will begin to notice a complete chemical change in your brain. It really works.
Peter Shankman

Always look for the next evolution of your business
Passion is a way of thinking, enthusiasm is a choice. It has less to do with what you are doing and more to do with the attitude with which you do it. Especially in this changing environment, to stay relevant you need to be several steps ahead. So find the next place where your business needs to be.
Ilise Benun

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