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Tips to be respected in your work

April 5, 2020

Discover how to earn the admiration and loyalty of your colleagues, bosses and subordinates on a personal and professional level.

The opinions expressed by collaborators are personal.

“Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self respect leads to self discipline. When you have both under your belt, that is true power. ” Clint Eastwood.

Tips to be respected in your workTips to be respected in your work

Apparently this formula worked for Clint Eastwood in his career and if you want to be respected in your job, it can work for you too.

Take a moment to think about what your job would be like if your colleagues, bosses, subordinates, and clients treated you with more respect. Can you imagine making more money? Or maybe having a relationship with these people?

1. Define your values.
People admire strength and competition. Think about what makes you a stronger person. Write down the things you would like to improve and some things you would like to get away from.

By simply making this listing, you can jump to or away from each value.

2. Discover your passion.
It helps a lot to get where you want if you have the necessary passion on the way to reach your final goal. Passionate employees tend to deepen their involvement around the office and gain a great deal of respect and friendship from others.

3. Know your purpose.
The corporate world is a tough place. It will lead to confusion, twists and disappointments. If your purpose is, for example, to serve your clients better than any other firm, then keep an eye on the ball. Resistance and a positive attitude will be visible to all those around you.

4. Imagine what your future will be like.
Start taking some time and imagine what it will be like when you achieve more respect, friendships and success in the office. Practice makes perfect. To achieve this, take a deep breath, get the negative thoughts out of your mind and start making it happen.

5. Stop saying monologues and start to have interest .
Have you ever noticed that when you see a photo with many people you always look for yourself first? Human beings (in and out of the office) are very self-centered. If they are flattered, they will respond better to you as a leader and as an individual, that is, when you stop focusing on yourself and start to have a genuine interest in them.

Taking these steps is not easy, but consider it as a workout for a better life. I recently read a story about a man in the army who, when he jumped from his plane, his parachute did not open.

He said that what saved him and eventually opened the parachute was his extensive training, which allowed him to stay focused. It won't happen tomorrow or in a week and maybe not in a month either, but with extensive preparation and your interaction with others, you will be more respected professionally and personally.

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