Tips for pampering customers, employees or partners

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Sometimes the best present It is what surprises us the most. Personally, this gift was accompanied by a pleasant evening: one of my partners called the restaurant in advance, where he knew he was going to have dinner with some friends, and told the manager that he would buy us a round of drinks at the end of the night wanted (which we would like). When the waiter informed us of the gift, my companions asked him to choose. And he brought us three different whiskeys. I have never tasted a cup better.

Tips for pampering customers, employees or partners
Tips for pampering customers, employees or partners

The gift determined the night and made it unforgettable. The truth is that not only was it a generous detail, but also risky because it gave us the freedom to order without restriction. Most of all, he was considerate, disinterested, and surprising, qualities that every gift should have. So when you are struggling to choose the ideal gift for business or other occasions, look for it to always meet these three requirements.

Before you start looking for the perfect gift, you should ask yourself what are the reasons. It can be to compensate for good performance or to motivate better behavior; Maybe just to get a friendlier demeanor, or to give someone a “beard” in exchange for a job or a favor. Ultimately, however, the question arises whether it is a gift with an underlying interest.

While the answer is yes, it does not necessarily mean that there is a problem. Sometimes business leads us to test our boundaries and codes. But the truth is, these types of gifts are not entirely sincere and somehow have special interests. As a result, we will often choose an expensive property. However, if the goal is to give a sincere gift, further efforts are required.

When is the perfect time? Mostly these are the most obvious occasions such as a career, birthday, anniversary or Christmas. However, the most meaningful gifts are those that do not celebrate a specific date, but rather the person and what they mean to you. Therefore, these gifts can be given at any time.

To determine what that gift will be made of, you need to Think of the recipient and find what you will appreciate most. “The main thing is to show that you really think about the person and the importance of the relationship they have built as a colleague, partner, supplier, or customer,” said John Poisson, CEO of Wantful, a gift service with offices in New York and San Francisco in the United States.

Therefore, the gift should appear very exclusive, perfect for that special person and not so much for someone else. So instead of giving her a bottle of champagne or a gift card, think about something else. Make the usual unusual. For example tickets for a piece that you will most likely like because the story takes place in your hometown, a wine from your favorite vacation spot, or personalized stationery with your name on it.

How can you get inspired? First, think about the conversations you have had with this person and whether they mentioned any hobbies or hobbies. If you don’t know the recipient very well, it is a good idea to engrave or print their initials on an object that they use every day – such as a mug or thermos. That way, it will be unique and of greater value.

What to Avoid

Of course, if you want the gift to be personalized, the last thing to do is to buy gift cards. “In particular, I don’t think they are a good alternative for every occasion, as they are the opposite of consideration, disinterest and surprise,” explains Poisson.

In this context, it should also be taken into account that cards of this type represent a lack of effort. The reason? A gift shouldn’t be just a detail, it should be an emblem to consider. The principle is very basic: giving is giving. And it doesn’t matter whether the gift ends up being liked or not, because it’s sure to be replaced with another one soon. The bottom line is that it makes sense and that it remains a reminder that you give something special to someone.

Be careful: anything with your company logo on is not a gift.

If you want to give …

1. In order of importance, these are the main characteristics of a great gift: thoughtful, difficult to come by, expensive, and extremely large.
2. Reject gift cards or coupons for a hug.
3. In the end, employees appreciate more that you give them a day off. while investors want higher profits.

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