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Tips for Finding a Cheap Car Rental in Auckland

March 31, 2018

There’s no doubt that rental cars are a smart choice. Even if the plan is to take an extended trip over the weekend, opting for a rental vehicle will mean no wear and tear on the family car. The trick is to find a rental deal that is as affordable as possible. Here are some tips that will help.

Check for Discounts Off Standard Rates

Discounts can come in many different types. One approach is to check the list of organizations that have some type of working relationship with the rental agency. If the customer happens to work for one of those organizations, or happens to belong to a non-profit association that has a special arrangement with the agency, this makes it possible to claim a percentage off the total amount of the rental.

Ask About Special Packages

It is not unusual for rental agencies to run promotional deals from time to time. The terms of the deal may require that the client rent the vehicle for a minimum number of days, or even state that the special rates only apply to rentals that include specified days of the week. If the customer was planning on renting a car during a period of time that happens to coincide with the terms of that special package, then going for the special will certainly save some money.

Go for an Economy Rental

One way to save money on a car rental is to choose a vehicle in the economy class. Most rental agencies will have several different classes of vehicles to choose from, ranging from the compact or economy class all the way through a luxury class. While these are smaller and may not include some of the extra features, they will do just fine for getting to and from the destination.

Keep in mind there are agencies that provide cheap car rental auckland options that focus more on clean, dependable vehicles without the need to employ strategies like corporate discounts or only renting on certain days of the week. Spend some time comparing the pricing offered by several local agencies and review their terms. In a short amount of time, it will be possible to determine who has the most cost effective rates and terms.

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