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Tips for enterprising women in the “new normal” and always

June 16, 2020

More women are currently being encouraged to start their own businesses. Therefore, we would like to give you some tips that should start in the days of COVID-19 and always.

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Tips for enterprising women in the “new normal” and alwaysTips for enterprising women in the “new normal” and always

Women have always played a relevant role in human history, and thanks to the most revolutionary, we are now more recognized in some areas or areas of work, although there is still much to be done around the world.

Currently and thanks to the progress made, more women are being encouraged to start their own businesses. It is important to mention that a company needs time because it carries out administrative, advertising and delivery tasks, among other things.

The company is required to make digital payments during these emergency months and on the eve of a “new normal” Cliphas been given the task of reaching out to companies of various sizes and industries across the country, including those run by women to advise and support them to potentiate their projects.

In this context, the brand gave us some tips for all women who have their own company or are currently involved:

1. Set taboos aside. There is nothing more discriminatory than limiting your own abilities. Recognize and firmly believe that you can get the same or better results than everyone else. Also give yourself time to explore other experiences outside the workplace.

2. Set the times. Remember that with the same importance and dedication that you devote to the development of your business idea, you need to take care of yourself personally. Define times for your business and respect your vacancies. This has become a major challenge in days when the hours seem to pass but time does not exist. However, if you set realistic timeframes for regulatory compliance by activity, you can focus on clear goals and get better results every day.

3. Be flexible. As an entrepreneur, you are a job generator. What a privilege, but also what a great responsibility! The work areas will no longer be the same as before. This is an aspect that has accelerated impressively thanks to the drastic change that society has had to adapt to. It is time to define new work cultures that offer different work patterns in which employees can achieve 100%. One of the advantages of the pandemic is that it recognizes people’s ability to achieve the same or better results regardless of their geographic location.

4. Surround yourself with the right people. Sometimes, for fear of trusting unknown people, we blame ourselves for areas that we don’t necessarily master. You need to consider that knowing how to delegate activities to specialists in other areas is extremely important and healthy for your business to grow. If you have recently started a project and have limited capital, you can ask your best financial professional to look after you once a month. Surely you have more than one expert in your network who is ready to be part of your company.

5. Offer your customers various payment alternatives. Currently, for health reasons, it is preferable to avoid using cash, and the use of bank cards has become relevant because of their convenience and accessibility. You could even say it’s aGot to ‘ that every business must have. Regardless of whether you offer products or services, digital payment solutions have become more relevant in this new normal.

6. Take a risk. 31% of Mexico’s SMEs are run by women. However, it is necessary to create the culture in which we can also look for investors and business partners who want to contribute to the further development of our idea. Unfortunately, questions like “How many children do you plan for the short and long term?” Still have priority in negotiation talks if a woman is involved. It’s time to change that. Believe firmly in your business idea and defend it until the end. There is nothing more convincing than a confident woman. This will help you convince potential business partners and raise capital to grow your project.