TikTok starts the video search on #QAnon’s conspiracy theory

The main video channel #QAnon has had more than 80 million views on TikTok, but the channel has had no results on Friday.

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TikTok starts the video search on #QAnon’s conspiracy theory
TikTok starts the video search on #QAnon’s conspiracy theory

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TikTok begins blocking QAnon searches and other hashtags related to conspiracy theory.

The video sharing app said the BBC They fear that videos related to QAnon could spread misinformation. On TikTok, the main video channel #QAnon had attracted more than 80 million views, but Friday’s search for the channel no longer produced results.

Another hashtag that TikTok has banned is “WWG1WGA”, a slogan used by QAnon followers that means “Wherever we go, we all go”. According to Google, the hashtag page had more than 101.5 million visits before all content was removed. The hashtag “FallCabal”, which refers to a QAnon documentation, was also blocked.

According to a spokesman for Tick ‚Äč‚ÄčtackQAnon videos often contain hate speech that violates the app’s community guidelines. QAnon videos and user accounts that violate the rules will be removed.

Twitter It also works against conspiracy theory. On Tuesday, the social media company announced that it would prevent QAnon-related content from appearing in search, recommendation, and trend features if there were concerns that proponents of conspiracy theory would do harm in the real world.

QAnon videos on TikTok.

QAnon videos on TikTok / Image: TikTok

QAnon supporters believe that President Trump is waging a secret war to stop the Deep State, a faction hidden in the United States government. The same theory also baselessly claims that numerous government officials and celebrities are part of an underground child trafficking network. Earlier this month, QAnon fans made the strange claim that the furniture supplier Wayfair is also involved in the sex trade. The proof? The company’s closets and pillows are too expensive and must therefore be a trick to selling kidnapped children.

Way Fair He says the allegations of child trafficking are not true. Nevertheless, the theory went viral and flooded a national hotline for human trafficking in phone calls.

Although both Twitter and TikTok are trying to crack down on the conspiracy theory, it can be difficult to drop the mention of QAnon, which is becoming increasingly popular among Republican politicians. Other hashtags associated with the conspiracy theory remained unlocked on TikTok. In addition, popular QAnon groups and hashtags are still active on Facebook and Instagram.

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