TikTok presents its platform for companies

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TikTok presents its platform for companies
TikTok presents its platform for companies

TikTok continues to grow. Maybe it was difficult for many brands to get into this social network. However, the developers of the platform of Chinese origin have already developed a function with which they can advertise their products TikTok for companies (TikTok for companies).

“Today (June 25th) we are pleased to introduce TikTok for Business, our brand and global platform that includes all current and future brand marketing solutions,” said Katie Puris, general manager for global business marketing, in a statement. from the social network.

Photo: screenshot about TikTok for Business.

This feature enables brands to create videos up to 60 seconds long, create labels, and invite users to participate and create content related to a product or brand.

TikTok for companies It also tries to connect brands with the most popular creators in the world Creator Marketplace, Space where companies know the scope of the different Tiktoker with the aim of making them your partners.

Photo: TikTok Creator Marketplace.

It is important to mention that advertising on this social network is nothing new. Now the social short video network has created this platform as a place where small and large companies can find different options and how they can display and sell their products.

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