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TikTok increases parental control measures for minors

April 17, 2020

Starting April 30, the app will also automatically disable direct messages for users under the age of 16.

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TikTok is making the Internet more secure, one lip sync music video at a time. This week's popular app introduced family pairing, a way for parents and teens to customize their privacy settings based on individual needs.

TikTok increases parental control measures for minorsTikTok increases parental control measures for minors

The new feature, to be rolled out “in the coming weeks,” requires parents to create their own TikTok account (which helps the company increase the number of users while promoting security), which is linked to their son. Once enabled, adults can manage daily screen time, limit (or disable) direct messages, and restrict the appearance of inappropriate content.

Family Pairing enhances our security toolkit and complements our work to provide greater access to product features as users reach key milestones for digital literacy,” wrote Jeff Collins, director of Trust Safety at TikTok, in a blog post . “It is part of our ongoing work to provide parents with a better ability to guide their teens' online experience while giving them time to educate about online safety and digital citizenship.”

While it's good news for mom and dad, I can't imagine young people will appreciate perceived digital manipulation. So, in an effort to calm teens, TikTok is teaming up with some of its hippest creators to release short videos that encourage people to control their screen time. “These fun videos use the upbeat tone our users love as they offer a suggestion to take a break and do something offline, like read a book,” the statement said.

Are you not interested in registering on the social network just to spy on your children? Even without family pairing enabled, parents can turn on screen time management and restricted mode by visiting TikTok's digital wellness controls via in-app settings. In addition, starting April 30, the company will automatically disable direct messages for registered accounts if the user is under the age of 16.

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